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“No One can tell you things about yourself like ReGina!”

  • Do you yearn for a deeper sense of fulfillment and satisfaction at home or at work?

  • Would you like more vitality at the end of your work day?

  • Ready for a reliable way of making choices and decisions about where to give your energy and attention ?

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    Stepping forward with clarity ~ Original artwork by ReGina


The first step to retool and renew your life is with a Human Design Foundation Analysis Session with ReGina. This session provides you with the insight, support and direction you can embody. You’ll know what changes to make  immediately to sail in calmer waters and stir towards a more rewarding self expression and cooperative relationships.  Order yours today.

“Working with ReGina is a life changer!”

“It’s very evident that this is your purpose and it’s lovely to hear such passion in your voice. It inspires me to be in alignment with my passion and purpose as well and gives me an idea of what it sounds like.” KT

After having your private consultation with ReGina you will look at yourself and your life with a new set of eyes and more compassionate temper. She’ll pinpoint your traits and abilities you may have dismissed or minimized that are your genuine nature.  You’ll expand your view of yourself and the roles you play. When you think differently about yourself, you’ll begin to act differently.

Schedule your Foundation or Advanced Analysis Session
with ReGina today to:

Know who you are at your BEST!

Advance with confidence and clarity!

Gain the support and direction you desire and deserve!

Make decisions with confidence!

Transform your personal and professional relationships!

“Having a Human Design Reading with Gina was more than simply pleasant because of her frank, accepting and playful manner; it was also meaningful because of her focus and ability to relate my personal experiences with the material. Our session was empowering and offering me a fun, uplifting and food-for-growth encounter!”
Sarah Wychoff, MA, Professional Coach and Performer, (6/2 Projector)


“After my Human Design session, everything in my contented life became expanded and magnified! I’m finding my life is enhanced in all areas, especially my relationships.  Since my initial session, it has been a thrilling and adventure filled ride into my very own Design.  Both my initial sessions and personal meditation recording were extremely grounding and enlightening.  The knowledge ReGina provided me with has propelled me forward quite rapidly as I go around blocks I didn’t know I had!!  I find I move with the flow knowing my ‘inner authority’ will do a magnificent job of guiding me through all my life events.  Thank you ReGina for your valuable contribution to my inner joy!” Terry (2/5 Generator)


“Comprehensive!” “Astounding!” “Accurate and Pertinent!” Vision Magazine


“My life continues to be deeply enhanced from my reading (sessions) with Gina. Her accuracy of my struggles as well as my strengths continues to support my direction and choices in life. My health and well being have improved. Her description and insights of my essences has inspired me to explore options I would not have considered. I look forward to working with her again soon!” Diana Perkins


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