Wheel of Life Session

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  • Ready for a giant leap to advance and enhance your career choices?
  • Are you on the edge of a relationship breakthrough?
  • Want to wake-up your potential?
  • Determined for better work/home balance?

We all want to more forward or make adjustments in our lives, right?! If you’re not giving any attention or intention to making adjustments to your life, life will make those adjustments for you. For example, if you don’t put effort or good intentions towards your close relationships they will begin to weaken.

Wheel of Life is a purposeful and powerful coaching tool.

It is designed to help illuminate the areas of your life that need your attention.  Using your Human Design with the Wheel of Life you’ll move into your changes authentically to create a compelling  plan that gets you results.

Don’t wait or ignore those areas of your life you want
to see improvements.

Get expert advice that uplifts you
and gets results.

Move forward with more clarity and confidence.

In this 60-minute Skype/phone session, we’ll take a helicopter view of the 8 major areas of your life.  Then we’ll refocus on 1-2 areas where you want make changes; such as your career choices, relationships, environment or wellness. 

Experience results that give you
more success and satisfaction, now!

Here’s what you’ll get:

  • 60-minute, personalized, Wheel of Life phone session
  • Wheel of Life download
  • A clear action plan to support the changes you desire
  • Follow up accountability through email

No prerequisite required.

Here’s what Pam said, one week after her session.

“I just had to tell you; our coaching session has brought magic. In just days, I’ve been getting more assignments at work and the office seems to be more upbeat. I’ve taken more breaks when I’m not on a deadline. Personally, I took a small step in a potential relationship, based on what we discussed and it worked. I feel authentic with them and good about my actions!  Also, I became more motivated after our session, I decided to attend a conference on Saturday specific to children book writers. Thank you for your encouragement and insights!” ~  Pam K., Laguna Beach, CA

Yes, I want my Wheel of Life Session

Wheel of Life
60 Minute breakthrough telephone coaching session that will clarify your action plan according to your Human Design chart.
Price: $225.00
Full Date of Birth information. Date, Time, Location:

Here’s what Sherry said 10-days after her session:

“Thought I’ve had some of these goals for quite awhile, what really helped was to set a specific ending date. I also found it helpful to discuss them with a neutral person and get a little extra “push” to actually research or do them. I’m enjoying the energy shift in my home space form “space clearing” and a new set of blinds I’ve wanted to buy for years. Your reminder to wait and “sleep on it” before decisions helped me with a financial decision I needed to make.”  Sherry, 4.1 Generator



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