What is the Genius Report?

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The Genius Report is a profiling tool for professional use, similar to Myers-Briggs, DISC, Gallup, and others. It is designed to give you a truer understating of your greatest talents. It can illuminate how you work best as a leader, a team member, or as a business partner. It can even tell you when you should be working alone.

This tool shows you a way to reduce the pressures on yourself and to be more satisfied and successful in the material world.

Something we all desire more of.

What makes the Genius Report unique is that it is based on static data: your moment of birth.

Other profiling tools are based on questions about how you view yourself or who you think you are. As you know, how you feel about yourself can change from moment to moment. For example, remember how you felt after just losing a big client, or even a training or presentation disaster. Even having arguments in your home life can impact how you feel about yourself. Conversely, you can be artificially optimistic and positive when you are on a winning streak, a feeling which might not be true at other times.

The Genius Report data is not changeable. It is static, and it encompasses more than just your personality or how you feel about yourself at that moment. It captures your  uniqueness, those parts you know, and those you have yet to discover.

Envision the confidence you’d have starting your next project with a firm grasp on your strongest skills and talents.

Just knowing that will bring out your best. Your results could significantly improve when you operate from your strongest skills and talents.

The Purpose Behind the Genius Report

  • Imagine a world where everyone works and contributes in a way that is aligned with who they really are – their natural genius!
  • Imagine college graduates having their Genius Report at hand for their interviews, when the human resources interviewer is committed to making sure they are matched up to the right department, not simply where they need to fill a position.
  • Imagine what satisfaction and success is possible for a person’s career when they’re placed in a supportive environment to develop their genius skills.
  • Imagine career coaches having access to this profiling tool to empower their clients for their next career move.

Our mission is to have every person know and be recognized for their uniqueness,
and to have their talents used in a work environment that is just right for them.

You are invited to participate! 

Discover and develop your potential for success and satisfaction.



“My Genius Report Session touched me and changed me in the most positive and practical way.  I found it to be a straight-up truth, empowering, relevant and concrete. ReGina transmits confidence and clarity from a point of assuredness. My session was very helpful, soothing, intuitive, allowing, and with feminine power that is gracious and inviting. I am inspired to join her in her passion for a spirited life. It changed me and I’m still changing from our session because it helped me change my conversation about myself. Her work is elegant and professional! Her transmission is worth its weight in gold. I highly recommend any professional to explore what ReGina and the Genius Report can offer.” From Annie

What do others say about their Genius Report?

Interested in your personalized Genius Report and a one-on-one strategy session?


A Note about the GeniusReport: This profiling tool is birthed from the Human Design System and is designed to highlight your strengths and talents at work. This is not a what job is best for me report. You will gain incisive details  that can help you understand how you are best designed to be successful in the business world.

For over 30 years ReGina Concotelli has developed a successful career in marketing and consultative selling to entrepreneurs and Fortune 500 Companies. In private practice since 2006, her intuitive insights and solid coaching techniques have created breakthroughs and desired results for hundreds of clients. ReGina is the one and only recognized Genius Report Coach in the United States.

ReGina is available for private consultation, on-going coaching, workshops and presentations on Aligning with your Design and applying this revolutionary science for professional success.
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