What is Human Design Coaching?

Human Design Coaching is your next step after having a Human Design Advanced Foundation Reading.

ReGina’s coaching approach is different!

We are growth seeking beings…we all want to change/expand something in our lives. As you know by now, your behaviors and thoughts are the only things you can change. As adults we make changes through practical everyday application and repetition. Lasting change takes time, commitment and the courage to go where you’ve not gone before. With ReGina, you’ll be guided to make the changes you desire based on your genuine self (your Human Design). Her intuitive approach is direct and palpable. There is no guess work or cookie cutter approach but accurately ordered by you to align your life based on your Human Design chart.

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ReGina brings 30 years of personal and professional growth in her tool box. She is a role model who walks her talk skillfully blending energetic sensitivities, leadership development, higher consciousness language patterns, Human Design (17 years) and Genekeys (11 years) to elevate you to your most satisfying and successful life.



With 6 years of being in private practice as holistic health practitioner I started coaching with ReGina. After only 2 months of coaching I experienced over 20% revenue increase, then a jump to 42% increase. I’m now at 60 % increase. Revenue is one thing, but just as amazing is the experience of how much easier it was/is to increase my revenue than I ever imagined. Working with ReGina makes it fun and rewarding in all areas; not only in my work but also in my personal life. I enjoy deeper relationships, happiness, personal growth and much more! I am more than pleased with my results with working with ReGina. My only regret is I wished I’d had started sooner. BW

You’ll receive structure, practical solutions, and creative resolutions to maximize your energy output. Whether your focus is personal or professional, ReGina can facilitate the breakthroughs you desire.

With Align with your Design Coaching you’ll:

  • Make decisions with confidence
  • Create healthier habits
  • Reduce stress and negative thought patterns
  • Attract more congruent relationships
  • Enjoy professional fulfillment
3 Private Human Design Alignment Sessions
3 private sessions: Yes! I want 3 alignment sessions! 1. is about you and your Design 2. is about you and how you relate to others 3. is about you and your work and money. When you are aligned with your Design, you’ll have more peace of mind, greater freedom of expression and a higher level of vitality and confidence.
Price: $675.00
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What others say about coaching with ReGina:

The first 90 days proved to be challenging for me, as any time of ‘turning the boat around’ usually is. But ReGina stuck with me, offering support, guidance, opinions, insights, cheerleading, and most importantly, solid information about my HD type (I’m a Projector); she’s helped me understand how to re-create my life and work so that my clients love to work with ME. Thus far I’ve seen excellent results, and I look forward to more. I’d recommend an initial HD chart analysis and conversation with ReGina to see if she’s a match for you. Lisa Kemp, Chicago, IL


“Working with ReGina made it easy to for me to make many desired and significant changes in my business and family life. I stopped volunteering, became less overwhelmed, and made space in my life to attract exactly what I wanted. I now have a clear and realistic action plan. ReGina you’re the best at keeping my on track. You really know how to motivate me!”
Dawn Falbe, Manifestor, Tucson AZ


“When I started coaching I was looking for clarity in my career path. ReGina’s thorough and comprehensive coaching program took me through a fun and interesting journey of self-exploration. I learned a lot about myself and the future I desired through her variety of resources we used. Now, I have a clear direction for my life and my business. I highly recommend ReGina to anyone who is looking to discover their true path and passion in life.”
AG, Owner: Mind Body Partnerships, Generator, San Diego


“She has an amazing ability to blend coaching, Human Design and spiritual principles in a seamless format that benefited me enormously. When I first worked with ReGina I had recently ended a relationship and was considering making additional major life changes. Her focus, presence and impressively insightful style guided me to strengths and awareness I could not have imagined. ReGina is a most amazing coach. She Rocks!!!”
Michael Brown, Manifesting Generator, Quincy MA


“I’ve worked with other coaches and consultants who became frustrated with me because I did not fit into their format and approach. Gina you are able to tune-in deeply to identify with me and my unique personality. I feel your encouragement nudging me to stay tuned to detail and effectiveness of my time and energy. I have a desire to be responsible for the purpose of our coaching relationship. My life is deeply enriched by your humor, wisdom and insights.”
PR, Founder & Director, Heart River Center for Intuitive Healing, Generator, New York, NY

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