What Do Entrepreneurs say about the Genius Report?

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I just had my Genius Report Session with Nattalee last week and I can say it has energized me along a very unexpected trajectory. I don’t know what the long-term effect will be but in the short term, I feel like somehow I was given permission or support to claim space as a writer that I simply had not seen before. The early returns are very illuminating and energizing. Thank you for this amazing gift. To be continued. . . From: Jeffrey Schmidt Agency for Earth

My Genius Report Session touched me and changed me in the most positive and practical way.  I found it to be a straight-up truth, empowering, relevant and concrete. Nattalee transmits confidence and clarity from a point of assuredness. My session was very helpful, soothing, intuitive, allowing, and with feminine power that is gracious and inviting. I am inspired to join her in her passion for a spirited life. It changed me and I’m still changing from our session because it helped me change my conversation about myself. Her work is elegant and professional! Her transmission is worth its weight in gold. I highly recommend any professional to explore what Nattalee and the Genius Report can offer. From Annie
Going over my Genius Report with Nattalee was absolutely liberating. As a Coach and Entrepreneur, it has been easy to judge me as not disciplined enough or as too playful and just not focused. Reviewing my report let me see that playfulness and dabbling and then getting a lot done in the moment is where my Genius lies. Now I celebrate my playfulness and my eclectic way of being and let those lead my way. It has made working more playful and therefore I get lots more done. Thank you, Nattalee! From JKC


My Genius Report session with Nattalee was very insightful and impacted me in a way I did not expect.  I had never seen myself as a sales or marketing type, yet, from our session, I was reminded of times in the past when I had played that role and really enjoyed it. The Genius Report and session have opened up a whole new set of possibilities and fulfillment for me. From Birgit

Thank goodness, I had my Genius Report Strategy session when I did.  I was on the verge of a big decision on whether to stay or leave a coaching program I was enrolled in. You helped me to value what was important to me and after our session, I found others in the program felt as I did and we supported each other to find an alternative solution.   I already knew, through experience, that having supportive community was important to me but seeing it show up so strong in my report was profound.  I am committed to keeping it a priority for me, even when it is not convenient. Supportive communities, both receiving and giving is effortless for me.

Another valuable piece was validating my presentation skills. Knowing this helps me strategize my marketing efforts with more confidence that I am directing my efforts to enhance not only my soul but energy for my business success.

This report has been a lifesaver for me literally. I feel empowered and clear to discern the types of people that drain me and am reminded to embrace who I truly am.

Meeting Nattalee at this point in my life and business has been the single biggest help in my journey so far. I feel confident that I can promote and structure my business so that it serves my clients to prosper but also myself beautifully. Thank you SO much. Kristin, Health and Wellness Coach

Four Months after Genius Report
From: Brian G.

Success for Some

I was into my 2nd decade as an Entrepreneur, two starts ups with good success in most areas, and in other areas, it felt like pulling teeth. I knew I needed to retool some of my business practices. I wasn’t sure what to change or how to change them, but the pattern I was in was pushing towards burnout. I knew I needed input from the outside. I feared I would experience like in the past with other business coaches where it turned out to be all about tactics and quantity. I needed a new approach.

Professional Relationships

It has been 4 months since I had my Genius Report consultation with Nattalee. First up, the report and session helped me get honest which lead to tough choices to reprioritize my life’s major elements. I realize that one of my businesses was not a good match for me. I completed all my contracts and did not sign any new clients, though I could have. I moved my office to my home so I could have more time with my pre-school aged sons. I reexamined and addressed the quality of my professional relationships and used that clarity as my true north. To my surprise, all my professional relationships got an upgrade, we are more connected and I am more aware of what’s important to me.

Confident Decisions

Amazingly, things have really lined up in a direction that I am excited about. I feel more confident in my decisions. I now give myself permission to find a gentler way for my activities. I used to think I had to be doing, doing, doing all the time. I was not allowing myself space in between my doing. Over the last 4 months, I’ve been inserting space between my action doing mode and that one thing has made so much different and has brought me so much more pleasure and satisfaction both in the time of doing and the time of being inactive and spacious.

Breathing room

I have time for contemplation and planning the types of opportunities I am interested and excited about.  Giving myself open times on my calendar was the catalysts for many choices I’ve made in the last few months.  I recognize those choices from a much calmer and more confident way of being. I have changed some of my patterns. Though some patterns are still there, I now have the wisdom and inner strength to not go back to my default mode. I understand my success in business is not all about the income.

Genius Report Session

The report and session validated and encouraged many of my skills and talents I had sensed, but hearing them interpreted really brought them to life for me. I now look at my business, and my life in general, from a new perspective. I am forever gratefully for my initiation to recharge my batteries, letting go of the hustle mentality and giving myself space for more creativity to flow. It is so refreshing to find a system that honors my uniqueness.


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