Uranus Oppostion Reading, Ages 38-42

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There are key crossroads in our lives which happen for everyone at specific times in our lives. Having information about these key crossroads equips you with the information you will need to make these transitions as smooth as possible. These transition points can be confusing as we are morphing and feeling different than we had in the past. Each transition comes with a lesson plan which forces us to make some tough decisions. The more knowledge you have about yourself the better equipped you will be to make important decisions during these sometimes difficult times.

A few years ago, ReGina introduced me to my Human Design chart.  Her analysis and mentoring has helped me understand how I can get the most from my energy dynamics in a very practical way. Recently in 2014, I re-engaged with ReGina for a Chiron return, Solar return and additional mentoring sessions. I gained invaluable insight on myself emotionally, spiritually as well as how to manage some material issues.  There is so much to gain from having a Uranus, Chiron and Solar Return session.  ReGina is very patient and a wonderful listener. I felt at easy speaking on all aspects of my life. Working with her has made big difference for me. I highly recommend anyone who is at a crossroads or transition point in their life to consider working with ReGina. Thank you and best regards, Shih Shen (Technology Sales and Bus Development, Singapore)

Uranus Opposition ~ 38 to 42 years old

Guarilla thinking

What do you want to be when you grow up?

The modern truth is the first 40 years of life is a period of discovery, when we learn through experience what interests us and what our talents and skills are. Also known as the “mid-life crisis”, this is when people suddenly cast off the shackles that keep them from fulfilling their destiny. You might get the courage to leave a stagnant relationship, or to suddenly follow a long-buried dream. Many find this period of time as disorienting, sometimes depressing and confusing. Would you like to maneuver through this new and changing territory more elegantly? The Uranus Opposition gives us an opportunity to identify what has worked in our life and what hasn’t, and to make appropriate changes in life direction. At that point we can truly identify and commit to what we want to do with our lives. A Uranus Opposition consultation can help guide you through the potential upset and inevitable changes ahead. Prerequisite: Personal Human Design Foundational Reading.


Your Uranus Opposition Reading includes:

  • Natal overview
  • Descriptions of the  influences that are leaving
  • Descriptions of the  influences being offered to you to redirect your life course
  • How to use your Strategy and Authority to maximize coming opportunities
  • How to use your Strategy and Authority to minimize coming distractions
  • 60-minute live recorded session

Uranus Opposition Reading

Uranus Opposition Reading

Price: $225.00
Birth information including Date, Time, and Place:

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