How do you know if you are good at marketing?

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Not everyone is naturally born to be a marketing maven, but maybe you are and don’t know it. If you aren’t  a marketing machine, you are going to need support. Whether you are creating a new training program, a widget, or a new service, there are six main stages in a business cycle. Marketing is only one of the stages, and in this model, marketing falls into DISSEMINATION.  If you’re like most people, you’ve probably played a role in each of the six stages. ANALYSIS / resource-oriented = In this stage the focus is on researching and creating foundations. DEVELOPMENT / product-oriented = In this stage the focus is on concepts and design. REALIZATION /...

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Knowing who You are Generates Self-love and Results

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Where does your Genius live? Do you think of yourself as an extrovert or introvert?   Do you feel comfortable in most environments or with groups, or are you someone who is more empathic and introverted? We all have the capacity to influence other people and our environments. Extroverts are usually demonstrative, while introverts hold back and observe before they demonstrate. Look at these two very different people’s GENIUS FORCE FIELD. Both are successful in their profession and prosperity. Example #1, The Extrovert:      This person can command attention in any work situation or environment. Their presence is noticed from the outset. Look and find that all nine points...

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8 Questions to Empower Your Vision for 2018

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January is the time when most plan their year ahead or reset their goals. Newness is in the air and it is time to reflect on where we’ve been and where you are headed. It is not, and you are not too late to empower your vision for 2018. Set aside at least 30 minutes for reflection and writing.  Do it now, or put “reflection and vision time” on your calendar now. Find a place where you won’t be distracted or maybe you do your best writing when you are nestled in the corner of your favorite coffee shop.  For better results and to fire up your neurological pathways for a brighter future – handwrite your answers instead of typing.  When you’ve completed and reviewed it a...

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