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Knowing who You are Generates Self-love and Results

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Where does your Genius live? Do you think of yourself as an extrovert or introvert?   Do you feel comfortable in most environments or with groups, or are you someone who is more empathic and introverted? We all have the capacity to influence other people and our environments. Extroverts are usually demonstrative, while introverts hold back and observe before they demonstrate. Look at these two very different people’s GENIUS FORCE FIELD. Both are successful in their profession and prosperity. Example #1, The Extrovert:      This person can command attention in any work situation or environment. Their presence is noticed from the outset. Look and find that all nine points...

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Living and Loving Authentically

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You’ve heard, getting and enjoying LOVE is an inside job. And yet, it is a wonderful feeling to receive love and appreciation from others. I offer you a way to start your week by sharing some appreciation. Sabrina was touched by her Venus Revealed Session. “Such a delight to work with ReGina. Despite having been through the Venus Sequence a few times, ReGina enabled me to ground my knowledge of the sequence through a deeper understanding of the lines and their resonances within the body. Her heartfelt presence and wisdom amplified the Venus transmission – this is an experience not to be missed!” ~ Sabrina Page Who has touched your life recently?...

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Human Design Predictions for 2018

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Every new year, Peter Roth and I analyze the Human Design chart that tells us what the year will be like. We have to wait for a specific day and time that the chart clicks in and this year, it was on January 22nd at 2:19 AM. From this moment in time, it explains all the characteristics that await us for the year. It always has a lot to say and there’s even more than can fit into a half hour but we’ll deliver as much of the essence of it as we can. I can tell you that it makes a lot of sense for all that we see going on in the world right now. Listen for the trends and changes for 2018. Your comments and questions are welcomed.     Do you have big plans for...

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