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8 Questions to Empower Your Vision for 2018

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January is the time when most plan their year ahead or reset their goals. Newness is in the air and it is time to reflect on where we’ve been and where you are headed. It is not, and you are not too late to empower your vision for 2018. Set aside at least 30 minutes for reflection and writing.  Do it now, or put “reflection and vision time” on your calendar now. Find a place where you won’t be distracted or maybe you do your best writing when you are nestled in the corner of your favorite coffee shop.  For better results and to fire up your neurological pathways for a brighter future – handwrite your answers instead of typing.  When you’ve completed and reviewed it a...

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Communicate with Influence – How to say no

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Do you say yes when you really want to say no? Do you want to have a greater influence on your team, boss, friends or spouse? To have leadership influence – you cannot be a people pleaser – someone who says yes, even when they want to say no is known as a yes-man or person. Everyone knows at least one yes-person, the person who is predicted to respond with “Yes, I can do that and that and that.” We love our yes-person until they either burn out or blow up.  Is that you? It is true, most likely you can do that and that, but ….  are you saying yes out of obligation, guilt or wanting to be liked? I was a full-on people pleaser. I said yes, even my intuition told me...

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Handle the ‘Busyness’ and Get to Your Priorities ~ 5 Simple Steps

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There is an immutable law that we all live by and that is the Rule of 168. There are 168 hours in a week. Time is our most valuable resource. If you lose your money, there are many possibilities to earn money.  If your body wears down and you lose your energy you can restore and come back even stronger. But time passes and does not come back.  How you organize your day and priorities has a major impact on your overall happiness and success. Do you feel: There is not enough time in your day? That your “to-do” list is endless? Stressed over not enough time for your work and personal connecting? Whether you’re stressed from over-committing, reaching for your big dream, or...

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