Three sure-fire tactics for a breakthrough when you feel stuck

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Are you frustrate because you feel you should be further along than you are?

I confess – my #1 objective for July was to have my new website ready to greet you by August. Life had other plans for me. I did not push through, instead, I sat with my feelings of frustration, vulnerability, and loss. Eventually, I found a slower flow that, with hindsight, feels more authentic for me.

How about you? Do you criticize and judge yourself when you feel stuck?
Do you push yourself or push on others to gain a specific outcome?
Or, are you finding more ways to relax your body and mind to find your authentic flow?

You might be wondering, what I did when I felt stuck. Read on for my three sure-fire tactics to get you through when you feel stuck.


Get Physical – When we ‘feel stuck’ (We are never really stuck, but that is whole other topic.) it is essential that we get our bodies moving. That could look like anything from walks in nature, cleaning out the garage, yoga, dance, swimming, or kick-boxing.  Moving your body releases stuck energy, brings more breath to the body, and oxygen to the brain so you think and act more clearly.

Honor your Emotions – Embrace and accept where you are at. When we feel stuck – there is a reason. The reason/s are far greater than our mind can comprehend. Before you let your judgments take over and pull you under, tend to what you are feeling. The number one go-to is journaling to express, as best you can, your fears and doubts. Get it all out on paper (using pen and paper is preferred over typing).

Allow space for your fears to surface especially in your dream state or first thing in the morning. Create a dialog with your fears so you get to know yourself better to increase your awareness of what is going on in your subconscious. Find emotional therapies that work for you such as, EFT Tapping, Gestalt, Neuro Emotional Technique (NET), Energy Clearing and more can support you to relax and find your authentic flow.

Take a step – You have high expectations for yourself, right!? You want it all – a great partnership and a career, financial success, relating better with your family and community. Expectations, goals, and intentions are a tricky thing and a normal human endeavor. Some people become completely paralyzed by not knowing all the steps to have their dreams and desires come true. Others, leap and skip steps to get what they want. Either way, when you feel you are stuck or like you have ‘failed’(We never really fail, but that is a whole other topic.), ask yourself;

  • What is one thing I can do towards my desired outcome?
  • What is here, right now, that will support a positive outcome and my priorities for this week?
  • What are 5 things I am most grateful for? Yes, feeling gratitude is a step.

I invite your comments (below) on what you do when you feel stuck.

Bonus Tip!  Ask for support.  We all have blind spots – many times all it takes to create a breakthrough is to confide in someone you trust that sees who you really are and will take a stand for YOU, your heart’s desires, and greatest happiness.

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