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The Speed of Wisdom ~ Slow Down and Get More Done

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Time is moving fast! Have you noticed it moves faster and faster each and every year? You don’t have to be a physicist to prove it. Just observe your own life and all the activity happening around you in the world. All the technological advances and inventions designed to save us time have just escalated it. Have you noticed how much happens in just a week of living your life? Even relationships seem to come and go at lightning speed. But, is our own innate self-awareness keeping up the pace. Our old tactics for approaching life don’t work anymore, because life has changed. In fact, trying to stay the same only seems to exacerbate our frustration and create more...

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Aries new moon means new potential

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Happy Aries New Moon Sunday, March 30 @ 11:45 AM Pacific Time The Sun and New Moon show up today in gate/hexagram 21.1 called Biting Through. The justified and necessary use of power in overcoming deliberate persistent interference. This is a very powerful time for you to take a stand for yourself, your whole Self. If you listened to the recording on the planet shifts and potent energies coming through this year, you won’t be surprised to find sudden changes in your life. This new moon is one of the opening for powerful change and manifestation. I invite you to use this energy to BE more of who you are. To stay awake to the messages that are being given to you and...

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Human Design Alignment Sessions

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3 Private Human Design Alignment Sessions Have you been introduced to Human Design, yet not sure how to use it in your home or work life? Do you feel the validity of your strategies and inner authority but find you lean back to your old conditioned patterns?  Has life’s pressures caused you to react instead of respond to life?  Do you find you’re in chaos more than in your flow? Are you allowing your logic and reason to direct your life? Knowing your Human Design intellectually is important and, even more essential, is to LIVE your Design. ReGina offers a tender precision so you get redirected from your conditioned patterns to learning how to rely on your...

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Increase Revenue and Happness

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With 6 years of being in private practice as holistic health practitioner I started coaching with ReGina. After only 2 months of coaching I experienced over 20% revenue increase, then a jump to 42% increase. I’m now at 60 % increase. Revenue is one thing, but just as amazing is the experience of how much easier it was/is to increase my revenue than I ever imagined. Working with ReGina makes it fun and rewarding in all areas; not only in my work but also in my personal life. I enjoy deeper relationships, happiness, personal growth and much more!  I am more than pleased with my results with working with ReGina. My only regret is I wished I’d had started sooner. Birgit...

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Sept Recording ~ Relationships by Design

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Relationships by Design Human Design Types – Tele-gathering Recording Feeling out-of-sync with some of your professional and personal relationships? Would you like to understand your clients, mate or children? Healthier relationships mean less stress and more peace of mind. Something we all want more of! Without understanding who you are designed to be and how the other is designed, harmony in your relationships is almost  impossible.  Human Design is a practical and effective tool to understand and accept who you are.  It holds the essential keys you’ll need to accept others as they are. You can replace blame and judgment with acceptance. Listen here:...

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