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Venus Revealed Sessions Special

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Shine some light on your shadows! Venus Revealed sessions will give you: A new vocabulary to identify what has blocked you from deeper connections with your self and others Compassion for your shadow behaviors Appreciation and understanding for your unique emotional temperament Awakening to your loving heart And more Order your session before November 30, 2013 and save $30 on a Venus Revealed Session. Coupon code is: venus2013 Venus Revealed55 Minute Venus Revealed Session. In a climate of non-judgment, support, kindness and acceptance Venus Revealed holds truths to open your door way to meaningful relationships and your wealth. Price: $225.00Follow up Session : No...

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Jan 22 Tele-gathering ~ Venus Reveals ~ More meaningfull relationships

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Venus Revealed Make 2013 your year for enhancing and deepening your relationships! The placements of Venus and Mars in your Human Design chart gives immediate access to the recognition of the armors and barriers that we consciously and unconsciously place around ourselves that limit us in our relationships. Because we have been conditioned to be afraid of emotions, many times it doesn’t feel safe to be present to our reactions and feelings. The fear activates constrictive emotional reactions that take us away from the very thing we want and desire the most ~ to connect with others and ourselves in a more congruent manner. Would you like to transform your worn out lower...

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