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Get the most from your energy

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~ Human Design Interview Recording~ Linda Binns interviews ReGina Concotelli Want more energy at the end of your day? Listen to high content, high energy interview for strategies and insights you can use! [audio:] What might be depleting your vitality and how to get it back Strategies to reduce stress and resistance in your life Your underlining purpose for living And more How do I use Human Design in my...

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Human Design, July 13 in Fairfax, CA

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 ~ Human Design ~ Be your authentic self! Join ReGina Concotelli,  for a lively and experiential workshop Saturday, July 13 10:30 -12:30 PT 751 Center Street (upstairs). Fairfax California Advance Registration is required. $20 in advance or $25 at the door. Birth information including Date, Time, and Place: Self awareness is the key to your well being and success. You need to know who you are at the deepest level and Human Design can help you do just that. You’ll learn: Your underlining purpose for living Your contributions and role in life Your strategy to be the best YOU Strategies to reduce stress and resistance in your life Please bring your personal Human...

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One-to-one Coaching Sessions

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Your Human Design chart reveals  an accurate road map to your innate talents, strengths and vulnerabilities. Your Design can exposing your daily habits which either impede or accelerate your desired results. Applying your Human Design is like an acupuncture treatment or chiropractic adjustment, it takes more than one visit to truly integrate your desired results. Human Design is an excellent assessment tool and back drop for making the life changes you desire. Human Design Coaching paves the way for making lasting changes and  improve your vitality, relationships or life’s work.  Schedule today and begin getting the business and relationship results your want, with less...

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Navigating Change ~ What’s your plan?

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Speaking of change… Who isn’t in the midst of major changes in their life? A coaching client of mine has the opportunity to change her alternative health practice location to another office. This change would mean leaving a once nurturing safe place with a mentor to having their own office space. During their coaching call, we talked about all the aspects of this change.  Besides the financial and the professional protocol of relocating, other responsibilities include researching and availability of the new office space, negotiating new referral sources, how and when to give notice, how to balance the personal and professional relationship with their mentor, time lines,...

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Marketing tip and special offer

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Business promotions through building relationships and creditability, authentic branding and increasing profits. Recently, I met Jon Leland, an internet marketing expert that simplified the many moving parts of high tech and personal touch. The number one thing that I took away from his book and am committing to practice more often is writing or blogging. Watch this 1 & 1/2 minute video  with Seth Godin and Tom Peters and see if you’re inspired to start or blog more often as well. Special Offer Authentic Marketing Strategy Sessions Want fresh and inexpensive ways to start or grow your business? Order your Authentic Marketing Strategy Session based on your authentic...

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