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How do you stay inspired?

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This quote came from a coaching buddy I met 2004 as we’re completing our coaching certification. It inspires me each time I read it. Believing and specializing in the impossible takes a special kind of person. If you’re reading this then you know that we must remain open to connect and commune with others who share our perspective and can inspire us to stay the course. If we were meant to do it alone we wouldn’t be living on planet with 7+ Billion other beings. How do you stay inspired, uplifted into the field of allowing the impossible and optimal to form? It is my honor to introduce you to two amazing and resourceful women who have reminded and lifted me to...

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Navigating Change

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November 2011, was a turning point. I surrendered to alter the course of my life.  From the outside that advancement appeared as relocation from San Diego, CA to Marin County, CA. Though my account of connections and adventures might amuse, it’s my inner revolution that is worthy. Placing ourselves in the unknown, by choice or by unexpected events like death of a spouse, divorce or illness sparks an internal rewiring.  When the familiar in our lives is altered, self pit or other dark reactions  are an easy default but rarely serve any satisfaction.  What I’ve found that sustains, uplifts, propels and redirects me in times of change is increasing gratitude and moments of...

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October recording ~ Aura, Human Design from the inside out

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Curious how to apply Law of Attraction with your Human Design Strategy? Are you angst to “get on” with your life, but the Law just don’t seem to work? Listen to this recording where ReGina provides practical application of the Law and Human Design presentation. [audio:] You’ll discover: How the Generator, Manifestor, Projector and Reflector’s Aura functions. Truths about Law of Attraction Truths about your Aura How to use those truths to your advantage An energetic shift awaits you Did you like the energy in this call? You’ll want to check out ReGina’s other...

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Recording ~ Aura call, April 24

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Aura ~ Where Law of Attraction and Human Design Meet Curious about how to apply Law of Attraction with your Human Design strategy? Are your worries and mental anxieties keeping you stuck in the same unhealthy habits? Are you angst to “get on” with your life? Are you distracted and drained with your problems? There is a way out! The way out is IN. Your Aura is an electromagnetic field. Each Human Design Type expresses their Aura differently.  You cannot change how your Aura functions. But you can cooperate and strengthen it. Learn how to attract what you want! Replenish and revitalize your energy!...

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Problems or Progress?

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The newness of Spring is here in full force. There is magic and wonder all around us. Whether you celebrate or not, the Easter/Spring season brings renewal. New plants, flowers flowering, baby animals. Some newness is visible now for us to see and much is still hidden from sight. Harvest time is 6 months away. A lot can happen to us, our dreams, our gardens between now and then. Though each of us has ‘problems’ or ‘challenges’, I invite you to take your focus away from those challenges. After all, if you don’t have any challenges than you are not progressing. My invitation for you is to put your attention on: what feeds and nurtures you? ...

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