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The Skill of Self Confidence

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Wouldn’t it be great to wake up feeling totally confident, clear and certain about everything in your life?  What if, that confidence stayed with you … every day, forever!? OK, back to the planet earth, the planet of duality and just being human. Confidence is a skill that is built and rebuilt over time. Most of us were robbed of our confidence and body centered inner knowing at an early age. Following our gut or intuition was not encouraged but considered illogical or even dangerous.  Though our parents and education system meant well to protect us, the result is a society of adults fighting depression, exhaustion  and dissatisfaction while struggling to find our...

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Feb 6 ~ Live Human Design Group in Santa Rosa, CA

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We each have a unique Design, as individual as our fingerprint, that unveils exactly how we are meant to succeed, to thrive, and to be fulfilled in life. Your Human Design guides you to to discern your best choices, strengths and natural genius. Based on your Birth data, accurate time of birth needed for best results. Whether you are simply interested in your own personal growth or if you are a professional coach, therapist, teacher, counselor or consultant, this information will provide you with incredible insight about yourself and others. RESERVE YOUR SPACE, RECEIVE OUR ADDRESS, OR FOR MORE INFORMATION, CONTACT ReGina Concotelli Location: Private Home, Santa Rosa SW...

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Invest in your peace of mind ~ Super End of Summer Special

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Who do you turn to when you make important decisions in your life?  You know the ones —the questions that keep you up at night, what you wonder about as you take your shower, what you’ve made the pro/con list about. There’s only so much of you and with so many decisions to make such as…. Do I stay in this relationship or end it?  Or… where do I hang out to meet my partner? Should I take this job? Stay in this job? Start my own business? What are the best ways to grow my personal practice and increase my income? Should I relocate? What’s my life’s true calling? Making decisions can be hard for all us, but you’re not like all the others—your decisions run deeper! You live...

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Align with your Intuition Free Tele-gathering Recording

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Reclaim your authority and manifesting power Free Recording and Handout September 16, 2014 Tele-Gathering With ReGina Concotelli How do you stop second guessing and doubting your inner knowing? How do you trust your intuition? How do you access your insights? How do you use your intuition with your Inner Authority?  Are they the same or different? Is manifesting the same as initiating? What’s the most important practice you can do to access your intuition? These questions and more are answered in this recording. PLUS, find out more about  ReGina’s upcoming 3-week Tele-gathering to Align with your Intuition that starts on September 30th.  Grab your handout...

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Live Human Design Gatherings ~ Marin

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3rd Saturday of the month HUMAN DESIGN GATHERINGS ARE ON SUMMER BREAK FOR MORE INFORMATION, CONTACT ReGina Location: Community Wellness Center Our next gathering will be: Saturday, May 17 1:15 – 3:30 with social time after. Location: Community Wellness Center 751 Center Blvd. Fairfax, CA 94930 Your investment: $30, bring a friend $25 each You can pay here or at the door.   What will we do in this Human Design Gatherings? Participate in relational/experiential practices to anchor your body wisdom Learn more about your Human Design chart through traditional knowledge and group experience Learn Human Design terminology and how they influence a chart Gain insight...

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