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Feb 6 ~ Live Human Design Group in Santa Rosa, CA

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We each have a unique Design, as individual as our fingerprint, that unveils exactly how we are meant to succeed, to thrive, and to be fulfilled in life. Your Human Design guides you to to discern your best choices, strengths and natural genius. Based on your Birth data, accurate time of birth needed for best results. Whether you are simply interested in your own personal growth or if you are a professional coach, therapist, teacher, counselor or consultant, this information will provide you with incredible insight about yourself and others. RESERVE YOUR SPACE, RECEIVE OUR ADDRESS, OR FOR MORE INFORMATION, CONTACT ReGina Concotelli Location: Private Home, Santa Rosa SW...

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Free Recording: How are you Designed for Life?

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We’re all born into a unique template that describes our personality traits and potentials and so much more.   Within the Human Design System our genetic and energetic coding.  There are profound truths in our Designs that show our purpose in life and the strengths and weaknesses we must work with.  Knowing these helps create effective strategies rather than bumping around trying to understand ourselves. Listen two Human Design Analyst, Peter Roth and ReGina Concotelli as they discuss this dynamic system can do for people. Would you like to live your life much more effectively? Listen here....

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Are you highly sensitive?

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My childhood upbringing was unsupported. In grammar school I had difficulty in sitting still, grasping math and science, and felt extremely self-conscious to give an answer or read in front of the class. I used kindness and empathy to get along and to get through. Fast forward, through 30 years of personal, psychological, professional and spiritual development. These trainings and studies were crucial to my understanding and coping with my sensitivities and childhood trauma. I now understand my shyness, psychic abilities, and empathic nature, food and environment sensitivities. I have a keen awareness of how I dis-empowered myself by putting others before me. Yet, still...

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Human Design, July 13 in Fairfax, CA

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 ~ Human Design ~ Be your authentic self! Join ReGina Concotelli,  for a lively and experiential workshop Saturday, July 13 10:30 -12:30 PT 751 Center Street (upstairs). Fairfax California Advance Registration is required. $20 in advance or $25 at the door. Birth information including Date, Time, and Place: Self awareness is the key to your well being and success. You need to know who you are at the deepest level and Human Design can help you do just that. You’ll learn: Your underlining purpose for living Your contributions and role in life Your strategy to be the best YOU Strategies to reduce stress and resistance in your life Please bring your personal Human...

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Nov 27 Free Tele-gathering

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 This month ~ It all about Human Design! How do you apply Human Design to real life? Deepen your understanding on how to use your Human Design strategies for making your decisions. Making sound decisions is everything! Who has time to clean up messes from scattered or unconscious decision? Tune in this month to learn how to use your inner authority strategy to guide your life. The more you practice using your unique decision making strategy the sooner it becomes your second nature. So that when you make a decision about who and what you want to give your time and attention to, you’ll KNOW from a deep core level you are right on track with your unique Self expression....

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