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The Skill of Self Confidence

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Wouldn’t it be great to wake up feeling totally confident, clear and certain about everything in your life?  What if, that confidence stayed with you … every day, forever!? OK, back to the planet earth, the planet of duality and just being human. Confidence is a skill that is built and rebuilt over time. Most of us were robbed of our confidence and body centered inner knowing at an early age. Following our gut or intuition was not encouraged but considered illogical or even dangerous.  Though our parents and education system meant well to protect us, the result is a society of adults fighting depression, exhaustion  and dissatisfaction while struggling to find our...

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Where All Good Things Come

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On your way to satisfying relationships and success there is going to be some difficult times. Maybe you are having one (or two) right now. If having fun, exercise or just being with friends has dropped to the bottom of your list, here are 5 easy and essential recovery tools you’ll need to thrive at home and at work. Find alone time to read and write. Read what uplifts you and write to explore your depth of wisdom. Similar to a broken arm or ankle, there’s a healing protocol to follow. Learning to self-nurture is the fastest ways to reassemble and recover, no matter what it takes. Listen to calming music. Research continues on the profound effects music has on our...

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Turn your confusion to confidence and save BIG

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Who do you turn to when you make important decisions in your life?  You know the ones —the questions that keep you up at night, what you wonder about as you take your shower, what you’ve made the pro/con list about. There’s only so much of you and with so many decisions to make such as…. Do I stay in this relationship or end it?  Or… where do I hang out to meet my partner? Should I take this job? Stay in this job? Start my own business? What are the best ways to grow my personal practice and increase my income? Should I relocate? What’s my life’s true calling? Making decisions can be hard for all us, but you’re not like all the others—your decisions run deeper! You live...

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Reclaim your authority and manifesting power

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Align with your Design Coaching presents Align with your Intuition ~ a Free tele-gathering Have you struggled with giving your authority over to others? Do you identify with these challenges? Idealistic and frustrated with “what is,” yet, still seeing the potential and want to contribute to a better world? Overly empathic and compassionate to other people’s troubles Sensitive to being different or feeling like an outsider (especially around family and childhood peers) Going along with what other people want so as to not rock the boat Highly perfectionistic, plagued with self-doubt, critical of self and hyper-sensitive to judgment and rejection Would you like to: Feel...

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A Sacral Generator

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   Is your Inner Authority Sacral? You have a very grounded, trustworthy energy which makes it easy to listen to your experiences and guidance. Several comments you made, about the ‘lift’ and passion, resonated viscerally with me! Also how you described asking yourself questions while journal… I will add that to my inquiry as well.  Jalal Ahmad

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