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Understanding your 6th Line ~ Tele-gathering begins March 9

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Do you have a 6th Line in your Human Design Profile? 6/2, 6/3, 4/6 or 3/6 Human Design describes “Profile” as our role and prospective in life. It informs us of the character we’re playing and how we interact with life. The keywords associated a 6th Line Profile are: Futuristic Perception Role Model Observer Administrator Transmitter Transmutation   “We have a deep 6th line mutation that‘s at work that‘s leading us into the beginning of a new cycle and under the 6th line influence.” ~ Ra Uru Hu As a 6th Line Beings you carry a profound mutative force for our evolutionary changes that are happening on our planet – Now. Human Design defines...

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Turn your confusion to confidence and save BIG

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Who do you turn to when you make important decisions in your life?  You know the ones —the questions that keep you up at night, what you wonder about as you take your shower, what you’ve made the pro/con list about. There’s only so much of you and with so many decisions to make such as…. Do I stay in this relationship or end it?  Or… where do I hang out to meet my partner? Should I take this job? Stay in this job? Start my own business? What are the best ways to grow my personal practice and increase my income? Should I relocate? What’s my life’s true calling? Making decisions can be hard for all us, but you’re not like all the others—your decisions run deeper! You live...

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Healing Circle and Releasing your Healing Potential

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Discover what you can do to relieve your fatigue foggy thinking and other immune deficient symptoms Are you seeking ways to raise your vitality and energy output? Do you have a nagging health challenge that you’d like to release? Ready to tap into your inner healing potential? Or maybe you just want to have more energy? Join the FREE Monthly Tele-gathering starting on Tuesday, August 26 @ 6:30 PM Pacific Find your time zones Join ReGina for delightful and uplifting healing circle. Register LINK in advance for this FREE tele-gathering Tuesday, August 26 @ 6:30 – 7:30 PM Pacific Find out what’s blocking your health and healing potentials and what you can...

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There is one thing that is blocking your intuition

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When we are stressed, drained, or over-extended even the most skilled mystics risk disconnecting from their intuitive flow. When our intuitive flow is turned on ‘things’ in life seem to go better. You know what I mean by that? It is when you get the front parking spot, the appointment you didn’t want to go to cancels in advance or the one item you want to purchase is on display and on sale.  So what blocks your intuitive flow? One thing that does is Tolerations.  Tolerations are the little (and sometimes big) things in our lives that drain our energy or add negative stress to our life. Staying up late to watch TV, over eating, or too much of anything...

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Still Lake Guided Meditation Recording

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Let go of what no longer serves you Enjoy and refresh at the still lake Reconnect to your center Enjoy this complimentary guided meditation. Take a journey in nature to your Still Lake. Here you’ll utilize these magical waters to release old mental, emotional or physical habits or disease. From this nature setting you’ll reclaim, restore and receive exactly what your body needs and wants.  From listening to this recording you’ll feel and recognize: Reconnect to your peaceful center Feel nurtured and grounded Refreshment for any time of day or night [audio:] Do not listen while...

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