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Wheel of Life Special Offer

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Wheel of Life is a purposeful and powerful coaching tool. It is designed to help illuminate the areas of your life that need your attention. Using your Human Design with the Wheel of Life you’ll move into your changes authentically to create a compelling  plan that gets you results. Ready for a giant leap to advance and enhance your career choices? Are you on the edge of a relationship breakthrough? Want to wake-up your potential? Determined for better work/home balance? ACT NOW! Offer expires on my January 22, 2014  Wheel of Life Session special offer! Save $50.00, normally $225.00 Your investment  is $175.00! Set your foundation and your intentions for 2014....

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One-to-one Coaching Sessions

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Your Human Design chart reveals  an accurate road map to your innate talents, strengths and vulnerabilities. Your Design can exposing your daily habits which either impede or accelerate your desired results. Applying your Human Design is like an acupuncture treatment or chiropractic adjustment, it takes more than one visit to truly integrate your desired results. Human Design is an excellent assessment tool and back drop for making the life changes you desire. Human Design Coaching paves the way for making lasting changes and  improve your vitality, relationships or life’s work.  Schedule today and begin getting the business and relationship results your want, with less...

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June Recording ~ Relationships by Design

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Relationships by Design Human Design Types – Free Recording Feeling out-of-sync with some of your professional and personal relationships? Would you like to understand your clients, mate or children? Healthier relationships mean less stress and more peace of mind. Something we all want more of! Without understanding who you are designed to be and how the other is designed, harmony in your relationships is almost  impossible.  Human Design is a practical and effective tool to understand and accept who you are.  It holds the essential keys you’ll need to accept others as they are. You can replace blame and judgment with acceptance. Listen to the recording and learn:...

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What is your coaching approach?

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My coaching approach is different! Have your career or relationships decisions been influenced by what others have said or done, or what you “should” do? Are you lacking passion and fulfillment?  Have you been to workshops that promise results but fail to deliver over time? Are you tired of the loud rah-rah marketing speak that promise to dramatically change your life…over night? As adults we make changes through practical everyday application and repetition. Lasting change takes time, commitment and the courage to go where you’ve not gone before. With my guidance, I can take you to new places within yourself ~ to your authentic self. There is no guess work or cookie...

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Problems or Progress?

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The newness of Spring is here in full force. There is magic and wonder all around us. Whether you celebrate or not, the Easter/Spring season brings renewal. New plants, flowers flowering, baby animals. Some newness is visible now for us to see and much is still hidden from sight. Harvest time is 6 months away. A lot can happen to us, our dreams, our gardens between now and then. Though each of us has ‘problems’ or ‘challenges’, I invite you to take your focus away from those challenges. After all, if you don’t have any challenges than you are not progressing. My invitation for you is to put your attention on: what feeds and nurtures you? ...

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