Solar Return Consultation

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Solar Return Consultation

Using your Human Design & Astrology Chart

Sun design in sand

Want to know what your next birthday
year will bring to you?

Be prepared!
Get your lesson plan ahead of time.

Solar Return Consultation

Solar Return Reading

Price: $225.00
Birth information including Date, Time, and Place:

Your Birthday is the most important holiday of the year. The three months leading up to your birthday is a period of culmination and integration of what you’ve learned in the past year. It is a time to look back and gather your wisdom and insights from your experiences.   Have you notice how the month before your birthday you feel heavy or depressive? The old is cycling down and new is being primed to be released. Your actual birthday is cause for great celebration as both a farewell to what no longer serves you and “hello and welcome” to the gifts of coming year.

ReGina’s Solar Return sessions include both systems, Astrology and Human Design. Astrology tells you what area/s of your life will be most effected such as home, finances, relationships, work or creativity for example. That way, you’ll know which areas of your life to invest your time, energy and effort that is aligned with your soul’s plan.

Human Design informs you where you’ll be stretched, what opportunities are available, how your energy is shifting within you and what new information/education is coming through to be expressed. You’ll gain insight into the kinds of people who’ll show up in the next 12 months and what are they are bringing to you.

“I gained invaluable insight on myself emotionally, spiritually as well as how to manage some material issues.” SS
“I had no idea there was so much information in a Solar Return. Thank You!” MM

Your Solar Return charts hold a tremendous wealth of information for you.

Have you had the same goals on your list, year after year?  Have you allowed others agenda to side track you from what you feel you want to accomplish and experience?  Have you been questioning:

  • Is this the year to relocate
  • Change careers
  • Move to be closer to family
  • Say yes or no to marriage?

A Solar Return consultation prepares you to step forward with clarity, guidance, direction, validation, and feeling empowered. You’ll get the support you need to minimize potential problems while you stay on track.

Gift yourself or someone you love a Solar Return Consultation for your next birthday.

Schedule your session approximately 3 – 1 months before your birthday.

Prerequisite: Personal Human Design Foundational Reading.

Your Solar Return Reading includes:

  •  personalized recording email to you
  • 40 minute live phone consultation

Solar Return Consultation

Solar Return Reading

Price: $225.00
Birth information including Date, Time, and Place:

A few years ago, ReGina introduced me to my Human Design chart.  Her analysis and mentoring has helped me understand how I can get the most from my energy dynamics in a very practical way. Recently in 2014, I re-engaged with ReGina for a Chiron return, Solar return and additional mentoring sessions. I gained invaluable insight on myself emotionally, spiritually as well as how to manage some material issues.  There is so much to gain from having a Uranus, Chiron and Solar Return session.  ReGina is very patient and a wonderful listener. I felt at easy speaking on all aspects of my life. Working with her has made big difference for me. I highly recommend anyone who is at a crossroads or transition point in their life to consider working with ReGina. Thank you and best regards, Shih Shen (Technology Sales and Bus Development, Singapore)


  1. So this would be a preview of before birth? The time right before we incarnated? Would be very helpful information about our selves in learning exactly what determines our direction in life. I wonder who we are before we are lol 😆

    • Thanks, Kevin. To find out who you are before birth, look at the unconscious side of your Human Design Chart. Your life story is there that is running your life. It not so easy to see by you. However, others see it.
      I am honored to assist you in understanding both your story and your essence.
      A Solar Return is about your year ahead, using both Human Design and Astrology.


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