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My Love Letter to Human Design

Last month I met a woman in a store who asked me what I did. Before I could finish the words “Human Design” she was ready to have a session with me. Her being a Projector, she was curious about me. She invited me to tell my story and what Human Design had done for me. My reflection on her question released a deep appreciation, I felt moved to share.

When I met the Human Design System, I was well versed in many Metaphysical studies including Astrology, Chakras System, energy healing and others. Many of my friends were psychics and astrologers. Professionally, my career path was marketing and selling professional development and training services, such as sales and leadership training. Part of this industry’s culture included me being tested and profiled by systems. I enjoyed and welcomed the testing as it provided insights and new ways of perceptions to assist me with my inherited depression and neurotic behaviors.

Stone is palm of handIn 1999, after completing a year of Landmark training, I found myself ending another 2 year relationship. The question, “What is ‘wrong’ with me?” had not been answered. A few months later, a close friend called, she asked: “Are you a Generator, Manifestor, Projector or Reflector?” That question hit like a laser beam and I was compelled to find out more. In my consultation and live workshops, I was a sponge; soaking in and meeting myself for the first time. I found that my struggles were not only explained but now I had a strategy that I could test out and rely on.

On the home and office front, I dramatically simplified my life.  I stopped calling everyone, I completed contracts with marketing clients and did not renew, narrowing it to one. I redirect my energy on the essentials of life, my life. If someone invited me to something, I would wait until I was alone to answer. I’d practice different techniques to ask myself yes/no questions such as, looking into my eyes in the mirror, writing questions and then read them out loud, meditation, walking and asking, sitting and asking; I tested the validity of “waiting to respond.” I was surprised to find that I said “no” to almost everything I asked. If you been through a similar phase in your experiment, then you understanding what it’s like when your friends and family get annoyed because you aren’t available for them. Prior, I’d been involved in several communities and groups. I realized it was me who initiated and managed all my relationships. Through the first few years of my experiment I released my former network of friends and associations. To this day, 13 years later, only a few have stayed the course.

By looking at my chart, you can imagine the kinds of conditioned behaviors that had run my life. There are 6 open centers, 8 2nd lines (unaware), and no definition in the awareness centers. Awareness Centers are the Spleen, body consciousness, the Emotional is spirit consciousness and Ajna is mind consciousness. My Personality Sun is Gate 25, Spirit of Self on the 6th line, Ignorance. In the past I had ignored a LOT of things, but mostly I ignored what was in my best interest. I was great at caring for others, but not so much for me. Another theme of my Design is that there are activations in 6 of the 10 Love Gates, with Gate 58, activated 3 times (Gate 58 is correcting self and others through/with love).

When a person has activations in a Love Gate it tells us how they live out love or how they define love. If there are no activated love gates, then they may feel confused about love or what love is. They are open to all the themes of love.

The topic of love is misunderstood at best. We each have our own projections, experiences, wounding and fantasies of what love is about, especially when it relates to romantic love. What I’ve learned is love can be expressed in and through many ways. And when it is expressed, it doesn’t mean you have to ‘do’ something about it. You don’t have to try to hold on to it, fall in love, or even date. J The expression of Love can be enjoyed in the moment for what it is ~ expression.

Love gates themes expressed:

25 ~ Universal Love                                           10 ~ Love of Self in the World
15 ~ Love of Humanity                                     46 ~ Love of the Body
41 ~ Love of Fantasy and Love with Sex
44 ~ Love with another for success
58 ~ Love of Life through correction
40 ~ Love expressed through work
28 ~ Love with purpose & romance
55 ~ Love when in the mood/changeable


In the past, I’d misunderstood my love. This misjudgment provoked chaos in my personal relationships. With discern, appreciation and deeper knowledge of my Design, I’ve transformed how I relate. The drama and frenzy is replaced with more patience, calm and heart-centered cooperation. To say I owe my Life to Human Design sounds extreme, but I do. I’m present to a deep esteem and gratitude for what this knowledge has brought, the privilege to serve others, and the potential to fulfill my purpose because I ‘get’ who I am.

Recently the Human Design community marked its 25th year and the 1st year anniversary of the founder, Ra Uru Hu’s transition. At the same time, I slid further off the roof to begin my 57th year. I’m officially off the hillside, and in the village. Without this knowledge I would not have the confidence, healthy boundaries and self-acceptance to be of service. This process, my process, our process is eternal, there is no arriving, just wisdom and adjustment to our perceptions and behaviors to be more of who we were born to be.

In closing I’d like to thank my teachers, Ra Uru Hu, Lynda Bunnell, Richard Rudd, Randy Richmond, Chetan Parkyn, and many others who have dedicated, contributed and synthesized the Human Design System for our personal transformation. My hope is in sharing you are inspired to continue explore the knowledge, practice your strategy and follow your innate body wisdom for better decisions. My wish is you’ll feel compelled to find, know and accept your unique essence to fulfill your purpose and transform your relationships.  It not easy nor is it a quick fix. But you are worth it!

May you meet an abundance of love, laugher and light on your journey!

ReGina is available for private consultation, on-going coaching, workshops and presentations on Aligning with your Design and applying this revolutionary science for personal and professional success.
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