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Curious how to apply Law of Attraction with your Human Design Strategy?

Are you angst to “get on” with your life, but the Law just don’t seem to work?

 Meet how your Human Design works with
Law of Attraction
Through your Aura

Let Life Flow

  • Manifestors want to stand in their power so others don’t interfere
  • Generators hunger for impressions of something to respond
  • Reflectors yearn to discriminate what they take in
  • Projectors long for collaboration and leadership

Listen to this recording where ReGina provides practical application of the Law and Human Design presentation.You’ll discover:

  • Truths about Law of Attraction
  • Truths about your Aura
  • How to use those truths to your advantage
  • An energetic shift awaits you


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How do I use Human Design in my life?



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