How do you know if you are good at marketing?

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Not everyone is naturally born to be a marketing maven, but maybe you are and don’t know it.

If you aren’t  a marketing machine, you are going to need support.

Whether you are creating a new training program, a widget, or a new service, there are six main stages in a business cycle. Marketing is only one of the stages, and in this model, marketing falls into DISSEMINATION.  If you’re like most people, you’ve probably played a role in each of the six stages.

  • ANALYSIS / resource-oriented = In this stage the focus is on researching and creating foundations.
  • DEVELOPMENT / product-oriented = In this stage the focus is on concepts and design.
  • REALIZATION / action-oriented = In this stage the focus is on production and improvement.
  • CONTACT / client-oriented = In this stage the focus is on sales and customer service.
  • DISSEMINATION / market-oriented = In this stage the focus is on PR, marketing, and distribution.
  • TRANSFORMATION / value-based = In this stage the focus on the bigger picture, seeing humanitarian issues, and transforming.

For most people, there are usually one to three stages to which they are most drawn and in which they get results. You can learn through your Genius Report Compact which stage of the cycle fits your unique strengths, so you can enjoy increased results, satisfaction, and fulfillment.

Don’t jump to conclusions if you did not score high in DISSEMINATION / market-oriented!

You are not doomed to failure.

There are other interpretations.

Find out what Lisa, a successful Personal Development Coach did when she found how she scored on her color TALENT PROFILE.

Lisa (not her real name), has been a high-profile personal development coach for over 10 years. She admitted in her strategy session that she shamed herself (a lot) because she felt she was not very good at enrolling new clients. It took her hours to write an email because her conflicting thoughts would distract her – some of them being that her emails were a bother. She disregarded the value and inspiration she provided for them.

Her coping mechanism was to push through her self-defeating thoughts. She lived with the hope that the next “marketing guru” would have the answer for her and relieve her from her shame. Lisa scored 100% in Development and 20% in Client Contact.

As we explored her Genius Report, I heard a sigh of relief, as if to say, “I’m not broken!” Finally, a sensible explanation as to why she felt so energized when she was developing her programs, and why following up with potential students was disheartening and troubling.

In her strategy session, she discovered, just as she encourages her clients to do, how to leverage her strengths. We explored possible partnerships with her colleagues who were not skilled in writing programs but were good at client retention and marketing.

Lisa left her session with a short list of possible alliances with other coaches she already knew, who could use her support and in turn provide her with marketing and copywriting. She reported back within a few days she had created alliances with two other coaches.

Are you ready for a breakthrough in your practice or your next career move?

Most of us flourish from individualized attention and support.

Is that true for you?

Order your Personalized Strategy Session to explore your Genius Report Compact today!

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  1. What about a person who does have Dissemination as their talent and cooperation in larger organizations, and supportive communities as their strengths? How does a person with this kind of design shift FROM a client oriented model that so many people seem to tell her she is so talented with?

    • Thank you, Susan. Are there marketing, PR or education opportunities where this person works or within reach through their community? This person may be good at a lot of things, but that doesn’t mean they WANT to do those kinds of tasks or activities all the time. Being good at client contact includes skills to know how to connect or leveraged to other opportunities that would be aligned with your Genius. Consider making a list of the jobs/opportunities that could move you towards your potential, a list of who is already doing what you want to do, a list of groups/communities that might be able to provide introductions. If you know someone that is doing what you want to do, ask them if you can interview them.
      All the best in your search.

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