Healing Circle and Releasing your Healing Potential

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Discover what you can do to relieve your
foggy thinking
and other immune deficient symptoms

  • Are you seeking ways to raise your vitality and energy output?
  • Do you have a nagging health challenge that you’d like to release?
  • Ready to tap into your inner healing potential?
  • Or maybe you just want to have more energy?

Join the FREE Monthly Tele-gathering starting on
Tuesday, August 26 @ 6:30 PM Pacific Find your time zones
Join ReGina for delightful and uplifting healing circle.

Register LINK in advance for this FREE tele-gathering Tuesday, August 26 @ 6:30 – 7:30 PM Pacific


Find out what’s blocking your health and
healing potentials
and what you can do about it.

Our bodies carry deep wisdom. There is a way to tap into that wisdom reflected in your human design and through guided imagery. With our intent and shared time, we’ll use the support of the group to amplify our own well being for the highest good. Scientific research  shows when people gather in groups they are six times more likely to accomplish their goals.  Even geese know they can fly 70% further and faster in flocks.

Each month ReGina will facilitate a healing circle.healingcircle-1200wEach tele-gathering ReGina will

  • Facilitate a healing circle that includes guided imagery
  • Discuss an aspect of Human Design or other related topics
  • Give you time to ask questions and feedback

August Topic; You’ll learn and experience:

  1. Healing circle for immune system boost
  2. Human Design topic is the placement of the planet Venus in your chart.
  3. Venus reveals what could be blocking your healing potential and what you can do about it

Get personalized healing information directly from ReGina
This offer is for those who attend live.

To find out what’s preventing your love and healing potential,  Email your birth information by Noon on Tuesday. ReGina will review each persons health and healing prevention and release point in their human design.

Register LINK in advance for this FREE tele-gathering Tuesday, August 26 @ 6:30 – 7:30 PM Pacific

You might also be interest knowing more about this aspect of Human Design.

Learn how your emotional wires cross. Schedule your personal  Venus Revealed session with ReGina so you can unravel and redirect your emotional patterns. You’ll gain access to deepen your connection and joy-filled times with others.

Praises for ReGina’s private sessions.

I enjoyed my session and subsequent correspondence.  What you struggled through wasn’t just for you but for others as well.  You can understand and have compassion on others who are now going through some of the same things. I could feel that! Your guidance has helped me get clear on my career direction and improved my relationships at home.

The Venus Sequence/Revealed session I had with Regina was life changing. She exposed my deep, unconscious wounds and provided practical, effective and uplifting solutions. Her wisdom and compassion truly helped me to heal. Even though I had the reading several years ago, I often refer to the information and lessons ReGina revealed. I highly recommend taking the time with ReGina to grow at a profound level. Her work will open your heart. JB PhD.




  1. I am very interested in this. Can you confirm that London is 7 hours ahead of you.

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