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 Discover greater self-acceptance and compassion for others

Hello and Happy March!

Our month opens with a very special emphasis on relationships. With Venus, the Goddess of love, beauty, values and harmony travels through Aries (Human Design Gate 21.4), we have an opportunity to gain clarity and perspective on the power we hold to harmonize and bring more balance to our relationships. Aries is our most immature and masculine vibration of the 12 Astrological signs. A bit impatient and self-centered. The positive energy of Aries is to know and be true to thyself.

Harmonizing and inspiring our relationships, as you know, it is an inside job. Hoping others will change, for our benefit, is unhealthy. (see the third basic trigger below)

As outlined in our Human Design chart, there are three basic default positions that get in the way of us having more love, satisfaction and success in the relationship department, both personally and professionally.


1.  The first is deep seated fear in our bodies. Imagine for a moment being scolded by a boss, lover or parent. If your triggers are in your body, you want to curse them or run away. Over time, if you do not address and harmonize this relationship discord you can experience unusual perspiration, feet or leg issues, or have deep feelings of insecurity for example.

2.  The second is emotional wounding. When triggered you may find that you complain about your situation, use food or alcohol (or other) to avoid feeling shame or rejection.   You may also experience challenges with commitment.

3. The third basic triggering is through mental discord such as delusion or detachment. This program is a tough one to catch because you can convince yourself the other person is at fault or that you really don’t need this person.


We each have a mixture of all to some degree. The one we most relate to and have been most conditioned is our fear of our emotions. Many times, when in a triggering or social situation, it doesn’t feel safe to be present to our reactions and feelings. Being present, observing and embracing our conditioning/wound/feelings, when they show up, is exactly what frees us and opens us to authentic love. The way-out is in.

Are your in a relationship that is bringing you down?

Would you like a gentle and intelligent way to break your unhealthy relationship patters?


When you heal your heart and harmonize your relationship (self first, Aries) you are contributing to healing humanity.

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