FREE CALL ~ Role Model’s 3 Keys You Need to End Relationship Compromising

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Do you have a 6th Line in your Human Design Profile?
They are: 6/2, 6/3, 3/6 and 4/6. The keyword for 6th Line Beings is “Role Model.”

The Role Model’s potential points to having deep, soul-mate relationships.  Unfortunately, there is rarely a healthy relationship model to follow. Certainly not what mainstream sexy-laced society expects nor what we see on the Hollywood romantic comedy/drama movie screen. No! These images have been embedded in our psyche. Role Models struggle and often compromise themselves in relationships as they ‘try’ these Hollywood archetypes or the ones used in their family of origin. Being on the cutting edge, Role Models carry an inborn sense ‘something is off here’ in our relationship department. Knowing The Human Design System gives Role Models a fighting chance to succeed in soulmate connections because it provides a blueprint to locate potentials for relationship harmony.

They wonder; How DO I have healthier relationships or, why must I always be the one to accommodate others? Many times Role Models default to their conditioning and create more discord in their relationships when they detach, disassociate or isolate themselves. Having time alone is important for Role Models, but not when it interferes with their genetic imperative to connect and bond with others.  There’s got to be another way. Yes?!

Role Model, you relate?

Would you like to heal your wounds of compromising in your relationships?

When we have soul-mate connections both/all parties are free to live as themselves in harmony. Role Models are here to rewrite the template for healthy intimate relationships. They’re here to discover, experience, re-write and embody how we (collective) can  have authentic deep connection with others.

In this free call you’ll learn…
  • Practical ways to get more cooperation
  • How to identify and get your needs met
  • What you’ll walk away with from “Understanding and Living your 6th line” tele-gatherings, that begins on March 9


And begin to have more authentic
relationship connections.

Wednesday, Feb 24 @ 6:15 pm Pacific
Thursday, 2:15 am GMT

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Free Call is facilitated by ReGina Concotelli.

ReGina Concotelli

ReGina' Human Design Chart

Sacral Generator, 6.2 Profile, INC Left Angle, Cross of Healing

Since 1999, when ReGina first heard “wait to respond,” she has been embodying the mechanics of Human Design. Her rich blend of metaphysical studies combined with her practical and contemporary leadership style will support your awakening process with tender precision.

Prerequisite: a Human Design Foundation reading prior to attending the 6th Line Being Gathering with a certified analyst. Want to schedule your foundation session with ReGina?


  1. Hi Regina, I’d love to listen in but have a long-scheduled dental appointment that day and time. Any chance this will be recorded and available later?

    • Yes, Jessie This call is recorded.
      When you subscribe, the recording is sent to you.
      I’ll add you now.
      Thank you!!

  2. Hi Regina, your ‘subscribe’ buttom is NOT working, please add me on your list manually

    • Garbiel, please check your email box for a confirmation.
      Thank you!!

  3. I wont be able to join but will misten to the recording.

  4. Hi Regina! I’m enjoy discovering you and your website 🙂 I missed the Free Call, and being a 6/2 (Freshly into this only a month) I would love to listen and learn. Is there a link to the call?

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