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Human Design Foundation Session

Ready to release your struggles?
Do you want to experience your life with less stress and more easy?
Would you like a reliable way to make decisions you trust?

Foundation Reading
Initial Standard Human Design Foundational Session. Discover your success formula for making more confident decisions.
Price: $225.00
Birth information including Date, Time, and Place:

Standard Foundation Session includes:

  • 30-minute personalized MP3 recording emailed to you
  • 3 or more personalized action practices to enhance your self-awareness and self-confidence
  • 50-minutes Skype/phone session to elevate  your understanding & practice (private session is booked within 10 days of receiving your recording).

What’s included in a Standard Foundation Analysis Recording?

Your Type,  Inner Authority, Definition, Profile and a taste of your prime gifts in your Incarnation Cross. You’ll gain specific strategies that you can apply to align with your Design.

What happens in the private consultation?

1. You’ll anchor your Design and have a direct experience of your
Human Design Chart transmitted to you.
This transmission activates your uniqueness so you can feel who you are at your best.

2. You’ll experience Human Design coaching
that will point the way for your next steps. Learn more about your unique gifts.

3. You’ll recognize your decision making process, boosts
your  success formula as your natural flow,
and understand what creates resistance for you.

  • Are you ready shift your unwanted behaviors?

  • Would you like to have a practical application to optimize your Design at home and at work?

  • Would it be helpful for you to connect deeper with your soul’s desires?

Are you ready to order your Human Design foundation session with ReGina?
Connect with your Soul’s desires and watch your life transform…


Foundation Reading
Initial Standard Human Design Foundational Session. Discover your success formula for making more confident decisions.
Price: $225.00
Birth information including Date, Time, and Place:

“No one can tell you about yourself like ReGina.

Advanced Foundation Analysis

For a more in-depth analysis and consultation,
you’ll want to order an
Advance Foundation Analysis with ReGina.

This session includes your Incarnation Cross (INC) analysis.  As unique beings, we each have a specific frequency we send out, consciously and unconsciously. 70% of who you are is translated in your INC which tells the world what you are here to do, where you get your jollies, what you must express during your life time. Whether you are aware of it or not, you’re expressing your INC NOW. Would you like to know what you’re telling the world?

Advanced Foundation Reading
Advanced Initial Human Design Foundation Session. Want more meaning and purpose in your life? You'll learn to: recognize your authentic gifts expressed in your life's work, how to balance your life's long lessons, increase your vitality and nurture your soul purpose.
Price: $425.00
Personalized Meditation Recording :
Birth information including Date, Time, and Place:

 ReGina with Client


The Advanced Foundation Analysis  activates the core of your brilliance and soul calling. ReGina invests many hours preparing, synthesizing  and delivering for your understanding.  You’ll gain a practical understanding and application of  your Human Design to utilize in your current life situations. Additionally, you’ll have a clear sense of what keeps you healthy and vital, as well as, your core evolution (life lessons) and what you need to include in your life’s work.

An Advanced Foundational Analysis includes everything in the Standard, PLUS:

  • An additional 30 minutes extra minutes MP3 recorded session
  • Additional personalize action practices for you
  • Plus a 50-minute live follow up session, within 2 weeks of receiving your recording.  During this session you’ll  deepen your understanding, adjust your personalize application and recognize your genuine nature in your day-to-day life.

In addition, order with your Advanced Foundational Reading a Personalized Guided Meditation $70
For an additional $70 you will receive digitally a 20-minute personalize guided meditation recording based on your unique Design. After your sessions, ReGina creates an individualized guided mediation just for you. Included in the meditation are specific energy dynamics for you to strengthen your vulnerabilities, nurture your nature and bring you into alignment with your Design on a energetic level.

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“I ordered ReGina’s personalized guided meditation along with the Advanced Foundational Reading, and am so glad I did – it not only gives me a consistent way to be reminded of the powerful information and wisdom from my Human Design reading, but helps me relax and to synthesize the most important points from the session. And I love the music she used as a background, too.”Felicia Ann Libo

“I love, love, love my meditation recordings!! I’ve been meditating for years and have done many different types of meditation, this recording is phenomenal! Really!! I’ve experienced deep relaxation as I listen. Each time I hear something I had not heard before. I’ve done the meditation 3 times in one day… all I can say is,  “Wow”! I’m so glad I got it.”  Holly, (5.1 Generator)

“After my Human Design session, everything in my contented life became expanded and magnified! I’m finding my life is enhanced in all areas, especially my relationships!  Since my initial session, it has been a thrilling and adventure filled ride into my very own Design.  My initial sessions and personal meditation recording were both extremely enlightening.  The knowledge ReGina provided me with has propelled me forward quite rapidly as I go around blocks I didn’t know I had!!  I can move with the flow knowing my ‘inner authority’ will do a magnificent job of guiding me through all my life events.  Thank you ReGina for your valuable contribution to my inner joy!” Terry (2/5 Generator)

“Having a Human Design Reading with Gina was more than simply pleasant because of her frank, accepting and playful manner; it was also meaningful because of her focus and ability to relate my personal experiences with the material. Our session was empowering and offering me a fun, uplifting and food-for-growth encounter!”
Sarah Wychoff, MA, Performer

“Comprehensive!” “Astounding!” “Accurate and Pertinent!”
Vision Magazine



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