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Child Human Design Session

Happy Faced Baby

Lucy Jane, Grandniece of ReGina

Parenting, for most of us, has been on the job training. Nothing can prepare you for the opportunities and lessons ahead as a parent. A Human Design Child Session provides a guide book to know your child in a unique and practical way. This session will give you specific pathways to replace stressful upsets with more cooperation and harmony.  Unlimited special offer  for Children under 5.

You have two options for children; 5 & under, and 6-16.

Included in your recorded session:

  • Your child’s Design aspects, both their nurture and their nature
  • Specific practice you can use to nurture their nature
  • A congruent communication pattern to gain cooperation
  • Parenting tips to keep your child healthier, physically and emotionality
  • I also look at (1)  primary care giver’s Human Design chart for a more comprehensive view of relationship dynamics

For children 5 & under, you’ll receive:

  • 30-minute recorded session emailed to you
  • Post session, your questions answered through email

Child Session

Children 5 & under

Child Reading 5 & Under
Reading for a child 5 and under.
Price: $75.00
Birth information including Date, Time, and Place:

Children 6 – 16, you’ll receive:

  • Everything included in the child’s session except that is live with parent. If  child is mature enough, they can attend the session as well.
  • 50-minute live recorded session
  • Post session, your questions answered through email

Children 6-16

Child Reading
Child reading, ages 6-16
Price: $150.00
Birth information including Date, Time, and Place:

A Child Reading is intended for people who have some basic understanding of Human Design.  If you’ve had a reading with me or someone else than you probably know enough to understand how the mechanics of  Human Design work. There is tons of free information available through the internet as well as you subscribe to my newsletter then download my “getting started” pdf.

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