What the Trump!?

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Rarely do I speak on politics or any specific social events. Not particularly from denial but from a deeper calling to stay focused on my mission and support others to do the same.  However, considering all that has happened in our worldly affairs of late, I offer you my voice, light and hope. Love triumphs over hate – always! Etched in my mind, like it was yesterday, are the events of 9/11, the media hype, and the collective reactions from outrage to unification. 9/11 served as a great training ground [...]

January and its unique sense of timing

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This article is dated but revlanat to our new year 2018 and beyond. Perhaps you've felt some resistance to getting your engines fully up and running these first weeks of January. Or your best laid intentions have gotten off track. That's right, its not personal. You are more than in-sync that you realize.  These first weeks of January are a great time to revisit and revise your resolutions/goals/intentions you've set to accomplish this year. As the lights go out on 2016 and we look to our new cycle to begin, [...]

Your Heart, Your Genius

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The world as we have known it is changing quickly.  Some have seen it coming and have begun to prepare, others have looked the other way by continuing to think they are protected by the government or large structured entities. As these structures crumble and reconstruct themselves (before our eyes, daily) the safest place for you is to look inside yourself and to those closest to you. I was raised with strong Midwestern, Christian values. The messages embedded in me were to work hard, get a good job, do good [...]

What we can learn from a Projector in a major life transition

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Nancy, (not her real name) worked part-time teaching meditation and yoga to teenagers. She had been invited to apply for her current position. A Projector’s strategy is to wait to be invited, the polarity they are asked to balance is success and bitterness. As a Projector, Nancy had sampled success in the career area of her life, yet in other areas of life, she felt resentful and bitter. Nancy is a Splenic Projector, 4/6 Profile, wide Split, Incarnation: Cross of the 4 Ways Completing her Uranus Opposition Life Cycle (40) [...]

Business Success and Satisfaction by Design Webinar

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Have you ever wondered how well the people who attend and buy the hottest marketing training programs do? Have you ever bought an info product or canned coaching program that just didn't work out for you? It's not your fault! And I recently discovered why. Live Webinar Hosted by Laura Rubinstein Best selling author, Social Media Expert, Business Strategist This information has saved me valuable time and money. Also, I now have the clarity on how to choose the right next steps my business and personal growth. If you want [...]

Reclaim your authority and manifesting power

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Align with your Design Coaching presents Align with your Intuition ~ a Free tele-gathering Have you struggled with giving your authority over to others? Do you identify with these challenges? Idealistic and frustrated with “what is,” yet, still seeing the potential and want to contribute to a better world? Overly empathic and compassionate to other people’s troubles Sensitive to being different or feeling like an outsider (especially around family and childhood peers) Going along with what other people want so as to not rock the boat Highly perfectionistic, plagued with [...]

Your Inner Authority

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Human Design is a path for personal transformation. Where does that path lead to? To YOU! There’s a colloquial saying that is often directed to self centered people that goes “It’s all about you!” The harm in that statement doesn’t come from the words but the tone and intent behind it.  Those on this path have experienced some resent or offense from others as they followed their designs’ strategies.  If you’re new to Human Design, and testing out your authentic decisions process on your closest relationships, know that it does [...]

Relationships, Human Design Style

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If there was ever a topic that gets hoopla, it is the topic of intimate partnership.  One adage says: Relationships are in constant movement, they cannot stagnate. Relationships are either moving towards closer connections or they’re moving further apart.  What actions or intentions move relationships apart? Topping the list is: Judgment, blame, poor communication, and unresolved differences to name a few.  What actions or intentions move them together? First is agreement and willingness to move closer together, followed with understanding, compassion, acceptance and clear communication. Ask anyone with a little [...]

What is your coaching approach?

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My coaching approach is different! Human Design Coaching Genius Report Coaching   Have your career or relationships decisions been influenced by what others have said or done, or what you “should” do? Are you lacking passion and fulfillment?  Have you been to workshops that promise results but fail to deliver over time? Are you tired of the loud rah-rah marketing speak that promise to dramatically change your life…over night? As adults we make changes through practical everyday application and repetition. Lasting change takes time, commitment and the courage to go [...]