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Generating Your Leadership Influence Series Recordings

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Save this link to purchase the recordings once the calls are complete. Join in on the calls! Bringing Out the Best in You! Coach — Healer — Entrepreneur Are you interested in understanding how you operate as a leader to get better results? What if you knew how your individual leadership style assists to rise to the top of your career? Would you agree that confident, competent, contented leaders make the best leaders? If you answered “yes” to any of the above, ask yourself if now is the time for you to step into your leadership influence.   We can all use some assistance when it comes to growing our leadership style and skills. Whether you’re leading teams or just...

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Foundation Analysis

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Human Design Foundation Session Ready to release your struggles? Do you want to experience your life with less stress and more easy? Would you like a reliable way to make decisions you trust? Foundation ReadingInitial Standard Human Design Foundational Session. Discover your success formula for making more confident decisions.Price: $225.00Birth information including Date, Time, and Place: Standard Foundation Session includes: 30-minute personalized MP3 recording emailed to you 3 or more personalized action practices to enhance your self-awareness and self-confidence 50-minutes Skype/phone session to elevate  your understanding & practice (private session is booked...

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Human Design

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What is the Human Design System? Human Design is a unique and powerful system of knowledge. Often called the ‘Science of Awakening’, Human Design combines modern science and ancient wisdom which provides a framework to easily understand the nature of humans. Human Design recognizes the uniqueness in every individual. Based on your birth information, it can answer the questions of why we sometimes feel dissatisfied, invisible or out of sync with life. As well as validate your natural traits abilities and your genius. It’s a reliable and practical application can instill self-acceptance, restore a sense of purpose, and bring new meaning to your life. Each of us has...

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Focused Attention to your Behaviors

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A Self Coaching tool to Align With Your Design Behaviors To align-with-your-design, there are several skills to master. A recent  post outlined an opportunity to explore and track your progress on the skill of focused attention to your thoughts. In this post I’ll address the other internal focus, your behaviors. Keep in mind, Mastery is not a goal but rather a process or a journey. George Leonard, Author of Mastery, says: “Mastery is a mysterious process during which what is at first difficult becomes progressively easier and more pleasurable through practice.” Use these self coaching tools to sharpen your Mastery on specific aspects of your life that you can control,...

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