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Three sure-fire tactics for a breakthrough when you feel stuck

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Are you frustrate because you feel you should be further along than you are? I confess – my #1 objective for July was to have my new website ready to greet you by August. Life had other plans for me. I did not push through, instead, I sat with my feelings of frustration, vulnerability, and loss. Eventually, I found a slower flow that, with hindsight, feels more authentic for me. How about you? Do you criticize and judge yourself when you feel stuck? Do you push yourself or push on others to gain a specific outcome? Or, are you finding more ways to relax your body and mind to find your authentic flow? You might be wondering, what I did when I felt stuck....

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Clarity is as easy as 1-2-3 ~ August Special Session Offer

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Who do you turn to when you make important decisions in your life? Who can you trust to have your best interest at heart? Making confident decisions can be hard for all of us, but you’re not like all the others—your decisions run deeper! You live in a place of profound spiritual commitment—to your growth and service to others—so, the decision process is all that more weighty. Decisions You know the ones —the questions that keep you up at night, that you wonder about taking your shower, those with a pro/con list. There’s only so much of you, yet so many options and opportunities to decide on …. Do I stay in this relationship or end it?  Or… where do I hang out to meet my...

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Name Change

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Great news! For personal reasons I have changed my name from, ReGina Concotelli to Nattalee K Lillico I look forward to connecting and serving you under my new name. To your uniqueness, Nattalee K Lillico PS If you are curious in learning more, I encourage to do to the Kabalarian website and receive an introduction.  

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How do you know if you are good at marketing?

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Not everyone is naturally born to be a marketing maven, but maybe you are and don’t know it. If you aren’t  a marketing machine, you are going to need support. Whether you are creating a new training program, a widget, or a new service, there are six main stages in a business cycle. Marketing is only one of the stages, and in this model, marketing falls into DISSEMINATION.  If you’re like most people, you’ve probably played a role in each of the six stages. ANALYSIS / resource-oriented = In this stage the focus is on researching and creating foundations. DEVELOPMENT / product-oriented = In this stage the focus is on concepts and design. REALIZATION /...

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