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In all my years of training and development the one that has earned its weight in gold is my studies in energy management and psychic development.  These skills I’ve learned and replicated are an intricate part of what I bring to my groups and private clients. More importantly, it has afforded me a deep understanding of the subtle energies of Human Design.

When we talk about energy management or the subtle energies in Human Design, we are referring to the Aura. Below the conscious thinking mind, each Type; the Generator, Manifestor, Projector, and the Reflector have a very unique way in which their energy body (aura) functions.

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  • The Manifestor’s aura is innately designed to keep others at a bit of a distance to ensure that they can take action at any given moment.
  • The Generator’s aura functions to pull experiences towards them to find something to respond to and then engage with it.
  • The Projector’s aura essentially is operating to attract authentic recognition and invitations to give their attention.
  • The Reflector’s aura effectively waits to try on many different people and experiences and then reflects what it samples.
The purpose of these different modalities is to allow each Type to experience what they most crave without “trying to figure it out.”
  • The Manifestor desires peace
  • The Generator wants to feel satisfied
  • The Projector is aiming for success
  • The Reflector lights up from surprise

When we trust, relax and allow our aura to bring us people and experiences that are in alignment with our nature, we will feel more peace, satisfaction, success and surprise. It comes to us all on its own, in its own timing without a mental strategy or game plan.

The concept of aura may seem strange and over simplified. Most of us have not been trained to live our life from the inside out; to allow our subtle energies to guide and direct us. Like anything, it takes practice to trust, relax and allow but it can be learned and integrated.

I invite you to join me and have a guided experience of your aura on our next tele-gathering on Tuesday, October 30that 6:00 PM Pacific.

Would you like to join us?

Would you like to experience more peace, satisfaction, success and surprise?

“Auras are a full expression of the being, and a controlling agent of the way the form is going to work. Auras are the way we connect to and are experienced by the other”~ Ra URU Hu

ReGina is available for private consultation, on-going coaching, workshops and presentations on Aligning with your Design and applying this revolutionary science for personal and professional success.

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  1. I missed this. Is there a recording available?

  2. I would like to know which meditation could help me as an emotional manifesting generator. Im new to Human Design, but as far as I understand the strategy for the emotional type is different. Thanks!!

    • thanks for reaching out, Terri. There are many layers to our Design. New to Design or not, the first layer of the mechanics is to understand and have a sense of your aura. If you’re an Manifesting Generator, I would suggest that meditation. It works for either emotional or not emotional. Your strategy is the same but works different if you are emotional. Be patient in your education and experimenting, it takes time to learn about your Inner Authority; Emotional.
      I am offering more groups for Manifesting Generators in the next few weeks. Be sure to join my newsletter so you won’t miss my invitation.
      All the best


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