Aries new moon means new potential

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Happy Aries New Moon
Sunday, March 30 @ 11:45 AM Pacific Time

The Sun and New Moon show up today in gate/hexagram 21.1 called Biting Through. The justified and necessary use of power in overcoming deliberate persistent interference.

This is a very powerful time for you to take a stand for yourself, your whole Self. If you listened to the recording on the planet shifts and potent energies coming through this year, you won’t be surprised to find sudden changes in your life. This new moon is one of the opening for powerful change and manifestation.

I invite you to use this energy to BE more of who you are. To stay awake to the messages that are being given to you and make the changes before the changes are made for you.

  • What have you ignored or left behind that wants to be expressed?
  • What habits have stopped you from your deeper self expression and joy?
  • What area of your life has been asking for your attention?

Human Design provides an accurate road map to your inner land scape.
Understanding your body wisdom, and how to use that to make better decisions about your relationships, work life and where to allocate your energy is going to give you a better life.

Get the support you need to make better choices, have greater peace of mind and more energy at the end of the day for what pleases you. One way to get that support is by taking advantage of my new service, Human Design Alignment sessions.

 Why 3 sessions?

Session #1 ~ is focused to support you having a fulfilling relationship with yourself. You’ll receive personalize AM/PM practices and strategies to heightened yourself awareness and progress. Guidance to clear your conditioned centers.

Session #2 ~ is about you and the other. ReGina will look at your chart and the chart of someone in your life, such as: spouse, child, or friend. You’ll understand where you resonate, where there is discord and what you can do about it so you can feel more fulfilled in your relationships.

Session #3 ~ you’ll gain clarity about your work style, strengths, and how to market yourself based on your Design. Plus you’ll gain clarity about what’s blocking your financial potential and harmonics in your Design and the keys to open to fulfill your financial destiny.

Yes, I want to purchase now.

ReGina is available for private consultation, on-going coaching, workshops and presentations on Aligning with your Design and applying this revolutionary science for personal and professional success.
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