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Modern day society and the media have distorted and conditioned our perceptions and measurements of real love and how to authentically connect with others. Hollywood’s versions of love translate as superficial and seductive.

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Very little in our world has prepared us to cope with the challenges and opportunities of human connection and real love. When entering into relationships with others, at home or work, we are at risk of having our tender emotional side exposed. Because below the surface of each of us is a sacred core wound or shadow that is part of each person’s humanity. Very few understand about this part of our humanity.  Most sweep it under the rug while others will over-identify with their wounding. Maybe you know someone who enjoys telling their war stories from childhood?

We are not our stories or our wounding. However, our wounding is an integral aspect of the Self. When this vulnerable part gets activated we can respond with characteristics that move us away the people we care about and in many cases disconnection from ourselves.

Can you remember an incident when you were triggered or had your emotional buttons pushed by your spouse, sibling, boss, child or another? For example: maybe your boss did not recognize you for your work well done, or a time when your best friend walked past you without returning your smile or greeting, or when your sister blamed you for something she had or hadn’t done.

How did you react? Did you attack, run away, play nice, withdrawal, or completely deny it happened?
Pause now and write down a time when you felt your negative emotions were triggered. Can you identify how you reacted? Can you see that these reactions and responses are fear based and took you further from love and connection?

When I first came to the Venus work (’06) I discovered my shadow side/wounding showed up in my relationships as blaming the other person and then disconnecting into my own world closing off all connection for resolution. I learned from my studies and relationship experiences that I could be more aware of my destructive behaviors patterns. I began to drop inward to self-nurture and accept my responsibility in the upset. I investigated commutation models to verbally express what was happening for me in a nonjudgmental way. This knowing and experience has allowed me to connect with others that I had not thought possible. Today when my patterns of defensiveness and blame show up I recognize my choices. I’m acquainted with my vulnerability and practice redirecting my focus back to having authentic connection.

Blaming, self-pity, disconnecting and avoiding are just some of the characteristics humans express when they have been taken over by their wounded self. Because we have been conditioned to be afraid of emotions, many times it doesn’t feel safe to be present to our reactions and feelings. What most of us don’t know is that our wounding/shadow has a purpose. That purpose, in one way or another, is to take us back to the realization of their own true essence. Inside that essence is the pathway to authentic love.

We can choose to keep fortifying the wall of protection over our heart. Or, we can learn and implement our particular keys to open the door to our hearts to experience more authenticity and truth. There is a body of knowledge and references that you can learn to open your body, mind, and heart to real, authentic and many times messy human connection. You can learn and understand your emotional patterns from a practical language which offers access to your armor and compassion.

Nothing is perfect. Life is messy. Relationships are complex. Outcomes are uncertain. People are irrational. ~ Hugh Mackay

Being present, observing and embracing our conditioning/wound/feelings when they show up, is exactly what breaks our patterns of destruction. There is a way out…and that way is in. The way in is where you’ll find more joy and joy-filled relationships.

May your journey to real love bring you to authentic connections above and beyond your dreams.

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