Now known as Nattalee K. Lillico – watch for exciting changes coming to Align with Your Design.

We’ve come to a point in our evolution where we are drawn to connect with our core inner-truth. More than ever in these times of great change we want to feel and know what is true, what we can count on, and who is trustworthy.
Contemporary breakthroughs in the hard and human sciences challenge our
conditioned cultural beliefs about what is true and how we ought to make sense of the world.

This new world requires new ways of thinking and new ways of making better decisions.

Many are discovering that they need to become more fluid or suffer the consequences. Change without support is not so easy. We’re faced with making difficult decisions every day — most importantly, what and where to give our attention and energy. How we make decisions in life is paramount to our sustainability as well as our happiness.

Using the Human Design System, Genius Report, and a Life Coaching practice informed by my 30 years of personal and professional experience, you’ll get specific decision-making strategies that you can easily adapt to the challenges of the 21st Century and your current lifestyle. My sessions are aimed at helping you understand and own who you are at core so you can minimize procrastination, false starts or do-overs. With an open mind and commitment, you’ll become skilled at making better choices. Making better choices builds your confidence and restores well-being. Hence, you get faster results with less effort and more satisfaction, as well as success at home and at work. That said, it is common for our ideas about what constitutes a healthy and successful life to also undergo radical transformation as we come into closer contact with our deepest truth and purpose.

Ready to access a new kind of intelligence?
Tap into your authentic knowing that supports:

  • Your well-being

  • Your career path

  • Harmonizing all your relationships

  • Your peace of mind

Experience your untapped intelligence and become your own guru.

Contact ReGina today and begin to see yourself and your business in a whole new way.

Generating Your Leadership - Home Study Program
You’ll receive a PDF workbook, 5 live recording calls, with Q&A, and grounding practices. Each lesson comes with support materials, writing exercises, graphs, and tracking tools for you to discover and develop your leadership strengths.
Price: $97.00
Price: $37.00

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