What Do Entrepreneurs say about the Genius Report?

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I just had my Genius Report last week and I can say it has energized me along a very unexpected trajectory. I don’t know what the long-term effect will be but in the short term I feel like somehow I was given permission or support to claim space as a writer that I simply was not seeing before. The early returns are very illuminating and energizing. Thank you for this amazing gift. To be continued. . . From: Jeffrey Schmidt Agency for Earth My Genius Report Session touched me and changed me in the most positive and practical way.  I found it to be a straight-up truth, empowering, relevant and concrete. ReGina transmits confidence and clarity from a point of...

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What is the Genius Report?

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The Genius Report was birthed from the Human Design System to support individuals and teams to function optimally in the work place. It was developed by a team of experts in human potential who recognized a way to bring ancient wisdom for professional fulfillment and success in a practical and meaningful way. From the unset of my Human Design studies, 17 years ago, I heard my calling to bring these truths to business groups. For over a year, I have been studying the 10 components of the Genius Report. I’ve discovered a deeper appreciation of my gifts and talents to better serve you. Perhaps the Genius Report can: Support you opening a new career direction Or...

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Genius Report Coaching Special Offer

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Are you equipped to change your career, attract or enhance professional partnerships or business opportunities? We each have a unique set of gifts, talents, motivations and leadership style. Approaching your professional choices with clarity and confidence can get the results you want most. Your time is precious! Align with your genius to preserve your most valued resources. Making your career decisions based solely on financial need or obligations never ends well for you.   Engage with your next career choice or business partnerships that cultivates your strengths and allows your genius to shine. Announcing Genius Report Coaching services! In this introductory offer,...

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