Save $200 and help ReGina Celebrate her birthday

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It’s ReGina’s Birthday on March 24

Sign up for 3 Human Design Alignment session
Order before April 1st
You’ll save $200 and get 3 private super charge sessions with ReGina

Coupon code: march24

After being introduced to Human Design, many want more…
Are you intrigued by the accuracy and truth in the system?
Have you felt confused or unclear about to how to apply your
Strategy and Inner Authority to your work and personal life?

ReGina offers a package that will anchor your life’s Strategy and Inner Authority
for your everyday living.

ReGina with Client

What others say about working with ReGina:

“You make all of this so simple.”

“I love the flow of your content.”

“You have a very easy and organized manner.”

“This helps me understand my husband a lot.”

“Very insightful and concise, thank you!”

“Wow! This makes so much sense!”

Gain the clarity you need to LIVE your Design
Order your 3 Private Human Design Alignment sessions

Why 3 sessions?

  1. Session #1 ~ is focused to support you having a fulfilling relationship with yourself. You’ll receive personalize AM/PM practices and strategies to heightened yourself awareness and progress. Guidance to clear your conditioned centers.
  2. Session #2 ~ is about you and the other. ReGina will look at your chart and the chart of someone in your life, such as: spouse, child, or friend. You’ll understand where you resonate, where there is discord and what you can do about it so you can feel more fulfilled in your relationships.
  3. Session #3 ~ you’ll gain clarity about your work style, strengths, and how to market yourself based on your Design. Plus you’ll gain clarity about what’s blocking your financial potential and harmonics in your Design and the keys to open to fulfill your financial destiny.

Purchase today and begin to LIVE your authentic potential!


Prerequisite is a Human Design Foundational session.

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