Are you highly sensitive?

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My childhood upbringing was unsupported. In grammar school I had difficulty in sitting still, grasping math and science, and felt extremely self-conscious to give an answer or read in front of the class. I used kindness and empathy to get along and to get through.

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Fast forward, through 30 years of personal, psychological, professional and spiritual development. These trainings and studies were crucial to my understanding and coping with my sensitivities and childhood trauma. I now understand my shyness, psychic abilities, and empathic nature, food and environment sensitivities. I have a keen awareness of how I dis-empowered myself by putting others before me. Yet, still I can:

  • Pick up emotional energy from others
  • Tolerate others forceful nature
  • Can easily feel frazzled and I just have to go off by myself
  • Have a delicate immune system
  • Startle easily
  • Have sensitivities to scents, noises and chaotic environments, like crowds

Are you highly sensitive?

Some of the psychological programming that keeps you stuck in the lower frequencies are:

  • Comparison to or judging others
  • Turned against yourself for being a misfit
  •  Making yourself wrong
  • Not trusting, self doubt, insecure, and discounting your untapped potential
  • Denying your Self Trust
  • Holding back and playing small
  • Not knowing where you end and other people begin

Through my varied studies, two remain fundamental for my peace of mind; the Human Design System and Energy Integrity tools.

  • Human Design clearly explains relationship dynamics and where I pick up others energy.
  • Energy Integrity tools heightens my awareness so that I can shift or avoid energy draining situations, recover quicker and fortify my energy field.

This combination can help you understand your intuitive nature and provide strategies to assist you to thrive in our over stimulating world. Human Design can guide you to turn around.

After having your private consultation with ReGina you will look at yourself and your life with a new set up eyes and a more compassionate temper. She’ll pinpoint your traits and abilities you may have dismissed or minimized that is your genuine nature.  You’ll expand your view of yourself and the roles you play. When you think differently about yourself, you’ll begin to act differently.

Schedule your Foundation or Advanced Analysis Session
with ReGina today to:

Know who you are at your BEST!

Advance with confidence and clarity!

Gain the support and direction you desire and deserve!

Make decisions with more confidence!

ReGina is available for private consultation, on-going coaching, workshops and presentations on Aligning with your Design and applying this revolutionary science for personal and professional success.

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