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ReGina is a master professional coach and facilitator with over 25 years business experience includes a successful career in marketing and consultative selling to entrepreneurs and Fortune 500 Companies. She has provided coaching, consulting, and training services for service-oriented businesses such as PacBell, Ameritech, Verizon Business Division, as well as for many small businesses.  Her business degree is from Sauk College and she has certifications from Consultative Selling, Relationship and Leadership Dynamics, Appreciative Inquiry, Speaking Circles International, and Business and Career Coaching. ReGina’s a passionate leader in new-thought and elevating relationship dynamics for her clients personally and professionally.

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Our Mission

Restoring and renewing Humans to their Design.
Inspiring possibilities to live creative, harmonious and authentic lives.

My Transformational Journey

Like many people, my early years were awkward and turbulent. By my late 20’s I found my life lacked vitality and purpose.  I felt like I was caught in a thick fog of disappointment and mistrust. I knew I needed to make some changes, but wasn’t sure where to start. I began to read a myriad of self-help books, and attend personal development workshops. Gradually this became a self-directed spiritual path that included study and practice of ancient healing techniques, Chakra balancing, Native American Wisdom, Psychology, Astrology, Tarot, Meditation and the powers of thought and the human energy field.

I applied what I was learning to my professional life. I had several ‘dream jobs’ that just seemed to come to me. Working in the speaking and training industry, I had opportunity after opportunity to participate with many Professional Development programs including Consultative Selling, Team Building, Coaching, Appreciative Inquiry (AI), Landmark Education and Leadership. I could see that my studies were having a great impact in my professional life. This was the confirmation I needed. I was hooked, and quickly passed the point of no return. Study was no longer a hobby, but a necessity for me.

I was guided to explore other realms such as dream interpretation, male/female integration and the expressive arts, particularly dance therapy. Julia Cameron’s book The Artist’s Way and study groups were also instrumental in steering me to a deeper and richer spiritual world. I could feel my heart opening to a depth I had never experienced before. Following my heartstrings brought me to Human Design, and I was once again engulfed in an even deeper level of resonance and self-acceptance that I had thought impossible.

My study  and experiment with the Human Design System (HD) began in 1999. True to my Design; with 2 conscious channels defined, The Channel of Discovery (29-46) and The Channel of Initiation (25-51),  I was radical in my early experiments to anchor my Strategy and Inner Authority.  I’ve had the privilege to study from several perspectives giving me a deeply rich understanding of the 64 I-Ching Hexagrams’ frequencies.  I began consulting  professionally and became a Jovian Certified Analyst in ’03 and Jovian Certified Human Design Guide in ’06. Since then, I’ve continued my study of Human Design,  The Gene Keys, Energy Dynamics and interpersonal communications.

HDS Certified Professional Logo2001 was the genesis of my 6-year class room study of intuitive development and human energy dynamics, completing several certifications. The integration of Human Design and energy dynamics has brought forth a new harmonic in my evolution and it will propel you forward too. Blending Eastern and Western philosophies in my coaching will guide you through practical changes you desire to make, a more efficient use of your energy and better decision-making to align with your Design and life’s purpose.

I’m a certified Life Purpose Coach (2006) this was followed by 2 years as an Executive Coach that included a rigorous weekly training and monitor series (2007 -2009).

In ’05 and ’06 I co-wrote and co-facilitated a 12-week training program, The Practice Coach, for 150 entrepreneur health practitioners. My passion is guiding and reconnecting people to their truth and soul purpose to live a more authentic and abundant life.

I am a 6/2 Sacral Generator, born on the Incarnation Cross of Healing. More about my Design and Transformation.

ReGina's Natal Rave Chart

ReGina’s Natal Rave

picture of Gina & Chriss

Gina & Chriss

VRR. Chriss Lemmon, ’01-’06 Energy Management & Intuitive Studies, from the Ancient Mystery Schools.

Gina in Ferentino, Italy

Gina in Ferentino, Italy

2009 marked my first trip to Italy where I visited Ferentino, birth place of my Mother, Father and Grandparents. Ferentino is located 100 miles SE of Rome.  I’m standing at one gateway to the city. Portions of the gateway date back to pre-Roman, Roman and Medieval times. Now, that is old!

picture of Gina and family

Gina, surrounded by her sisters & nieces

Gina Concotelli believes quality authentic relationships are the essential ingredient for our success in business and in life.  For over 20 years, Gina has built her business and success on this simple, yet important philosophy. She has a successful career in marketing and consultative selling to entrepreneurs and Fortune 500 Companies.  Her intuitive insights and solid coaching techniques have created breakthroughs and the desired results for hundreds of clients. Generating success in their business and personal lives. Gina has been a student of Human Design since 1999, Jovian certified since 2003. Gina is available for private consultation, on-going coaching, workshops and presentations on Aligning with your Design and applying this revolutionary science for personal and professional success.
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